The big change of Samsung watches; The Galaxy Watch becomes square

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Samsung probably wants to design its next generation of smartwatches with a square display.

While most Android smartwatches have circular displays, a new report claims that Samsung plans to make the next-gen Galaxy Watch square.

Samsung’s smartwatch has a circular shape for a long time. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Gear Live watches had square displays, but from the Gear S2 onwards, Samsung has clearly shown its interest in circular designs.

Now it is said that Samsung wants to return to the square screen. Of course, this decision has not yet been finalized and it will take time to finalize it. Perhaps this will happen with the unveiling of the Galaxy Watch 7 series, but the rumors that have been raised about these watches so far have not hinted at such a big change.

Samsung’s reason for moving to a square design is unclear. Wear OS can technically support a square display, but most apps and even Samsung’s One UI skin are optimized for circular designs.

It can be assumed that Samsung is hoping to compete with the Apple Watch, which has always had a square screen, in terms of the design of its watches, but if this happens, it will be a big change.

The Galaxy Watch 7 series is expected to hit the market in the second half of 2024, around the same time as Samsung’s foldable phones. Galaxy Watch 7 will use Samsung’s exclusive 3nm chip called Exynos W940. It is not yet known what the price of the smartwatch will be.

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