The AI Pin wearable gadget will be launched in March

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The AI Pin gadget, a product of former Apple employees who have now created the Humane startup, will be delivered to buyers in March 2024.

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Startup Humane’s wearable gadget called AI Pin will be delivered to those who pre-ordered it in March 2024. This wearable gadget, which its manufacturer claims will replace smartphones, is based on artificial intelligence and works with a Snapdragon processor. This gadget will be available in three colors and at a price of at least $699.

Startup Humane in X has said that those who have ordered this product will receive it in March 2024 on a first-come, first-served basis. The company previously estimated that it would launch the AI Pin gadget in early 2024. Humane, a startup founded by two former Apple employees, sees the end of the smartphone life.

Instead of using a screen, this device is equipped with a small projector that displays information on the user’s hand. The main feature of the AI Pin is its integration with artificial intelligence, which allows the device to perform actions such as sending messages, translating, and more.

The AI Pin wearable gadget will be launched in March
The AI Pin wearable gadget will be launched in March


Specifications and price of Ai Pin gadget

The artificial intelligence of this gadget has been developed in partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft, and Tidal, and Humane emphasizes device privacy with high contextual intelligence. The company promises that AI Pin will quickly understand what you need and instantly connect you to the right AI.

This gadget uses a quad-core Snapdragon processor with Cosmos operating system. Buyers also have to pay $24 a month to access T-Mobile’s MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) Internet.

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The AI Pin gadget is now available for pre-order from the Humane website. The Eclipse color (black) costs $699, while the Lunar and Equinox colors cost $100 more.

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