The 3nm A17 Pro chip was introduced for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

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Apple’s A17 Pro chip uses an improved graphics module and faster CPU cores than the previous generation.

At the Wanderlust event, Apple showed off the power of 3nm lithography to its competitors for the first time in the world of mobile chips. The A17 Pro chip, which uses 19 billion transistors, comes to Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max with improved graphics, faster CPU cores, and retracing support.

According to Apple, the powerful CPU cores in the A17 Pro have become ten percent faster, and this means that the iPhone will remain the fastest phone in the world. Of course, Apple’s main focus in the A17 Pro is on improving the graphics module. This year, the six-core GPU in the Cupertino chip will be about 20% faster, so that the gaming experience with iPhone phones enters a new phase.

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