SpaceX launched Swarm service for IoT devices for $5 per month

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SpaceX launched Swarm service for IoT devices for $5 per months

To use the service, users need various equipment, such as the Swarm Eval Kit at a price of $449.

SpaceX has officially launched the Swarm service, which provides low-cost global satellite internet for Internet of Things (loT) devices. This service is offered to customers at a cost of $5 per month, and special equipment must be provided to use it.

Last year, SpaceX acquired Mountain View, Calif.-based satellite data startup Swarm, which it now operates as a subsidiary. Since last year, the startup, which was valued at $85 million in early 2019, has put 120 satellites into orbit.

Now, as CNBC’s Michael Sheetz points out, Space has now started advertising its Swarm service satellite IoT connection on Starlink’s website for $5 a month.

SpaceX launched Swarm
SpaceX launched Swarm

The SpaceX website description for the Swarm reads:

“Using its ultra-small low-orbit satellites, Swarm provides low-bandwidth satellite connectivity for just $5 per month. Swarm satellites cover anywhere on Earth, enabling IoT devices to operate anywhere at a reasonable price. “Swarm provides global connectivity for IoT devices at the lowest possible cost.”

Another part of this website explains that the Swarm satellites orbit at an altitude of 450-550 km and provide complete global coverage.

The SpaceX subsidiary also has the smallest operational satellites in space, measuring just 11 x 11 x 2.8 cm. Because of this small size, the cost of launching them is much lower than most satellites.

SpaceX service equipment

To use this service, users need Swarm Asset Tracker, Swarm Eval Kit, and Swarm M138 modem, which are available for pre-order now at the starting price of $449, $99, and $89, respectively, and from (November 30, 2022 ) will be offered.

The Swarm modem is embedded in IoT devices and the Eval kit enables messaging and IoT product development. Swarm Asset Tracker also allows users to track location data using the company’s constellation with 100 percent global coverage.

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