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Concept video of the iOS 17 operating system

In this concept video, we are faced with new icons, an improved control center, and also the possibility of locking apps with Face ID.

Apple will hold the WWDC 2023 event in less than two weeks, where we expect the company’s latest operating systems, including iOS 17, to be announced. But now, before the introduction, a conceptual video of iOS 17 has been released, which shows interesting features such as the new control center or the display of song lyrics on the lock screen.

The designer named “Nicolas Gigo” published this video on his YouTube channel. This video shows the rumors about Apple’s next operating system for the iPhone.

Concept video of the iOS 17 operating system

According to the video, Apple is working on new options for iOS fonts and wallpapers, and it’s also possible to instantly listen to song lyrics in Apple Music without having to unlock the iPhone. Also, in this conceptual design, we are faced with personalized shortcuts for the lock screen, as well as new system icons.

According to reports, Apple wants to make significant changes to the iOS 17 Control Center. The current design of this section is related to iOS 11, and since then, the Control Center has not changed much. At the moment, we do not know exactly what Apple plans for the Control Center, but in the concept video of the iOS 17 operating system, we are facing an almost new design for this section.

Another feature of this video, which was not mentioned in the rumors, is the possibility of locking programs individually. According to this concept video, users can lock apps with Face ID and a lock icon will be placed next to these apps.

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Apple will unveil iOS 17 during WWDC 2023 on June 15th, and we at Digiato will be covering the event live as always.

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