High acceptance of Character AI app by users; Create a custom AI character

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The Character AI app, which allows you to create custom AI characters for conversation, has managed to get millions of downloads in two weeks.

Artificial intelligence is one of the hot topics these days in the world of technology, and every now and then we see the introduction of new models. Now the Character AI artificial intelligence chatbot application, which has been released for Android and iOS, has received significant attention from users.

The Character AI application, which is sponsored by the a16z investment company, has managed to have millions of downloads in the two weeks it has been released on Google Play and the App Store. To be more precise, this app had 1.7 million downloads in the first week of its release.

The startup Character.AI managed to attract 150 million dollars in the capital earlier this year and now has a value of 1 billion dollars. This startup provides customizable AI characters to users. In fact, people can create their desired characters with different characteristics in this application and chat with them.

This startup was founded by people who in the past were responsible for the research team that developed Google’s LaMDA language model. These people, who were dissatisfied with Google’s performance in providing chatbots to the public, decide to establish a startup to do such a thing.

High acceptance of the Character AI application by users

High acceptance of the Character AI application by users
High acceptance of the Character AI application by users

The Character AI mobile application was released on May 23 (2 June) for Android and iOS and was well received. This reception was such that it got 700,000 downloads on Google Play in just 48 hours. This number of downloads put Character AI ahead of apps like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Prime Video.

Before the release of the application, the web app of this chatbot had received a lot of attention; In such a way that its monthly visits exceeded 200 million and each user used this service for an average of 29 minutes. The development team of this artificial intelligence model is only 30 people.

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To download the Character AI app, use the app box below:

Character AI for iPhone                   Character AI for Android

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