Explosive growth of Google Messages in three years

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The Google Messages app has crossed the 5 billion download mark

The Google Messenger program called Google Messages has now been installed more than 5 billion times on users’ devices, which is a very important milestone for this program.

In the GetTheMessage campaign, Google announced that the number of installations of the company’s RCS/SMS/MMS application for Android, known as Google Messages, has now exceeded 5 billion times.

Google Messenger, formerly known as Android Messages, has become one of the most widely used programs for sending and receiving short text messages (SMS), MMS, and RCS, which has a simple and attractive user interface and offers useful features. Among the features of this application, we can mention the web version that allows you to access and reply to your messages through a tablet, personal computer, Mac, or Chromebook.

The Google Play store shows the number of installed applications published on this platform, and this number also includes pre-installed applications. However, as the number of app installs increases, Play Store shows important milestones such as 1 million, 5 million, and 10 million instead of showing the exact number of installs.

The last time the Google Messages download milestone was updated was in the spring of 2020 when it reached one billion. The mentioned program was not installed by default on most Android devices at that time, except for the Google Pixel phone.

Google Messages
Google Messages

The most important change in Google Messages installation statistics since 2020 is that Samsung offered the said program by default on phones like the Galaxy S22 series. It is possible that the popularity of the Samsung phone has significantly contributed to the rapid growth of Google messages.

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The Google Messages app is also the main gateway for RCS messaging, which has significantly more features than SMS and MMS. Other applications, usually provided directly by the carrier or phone manufacturer, are compatible with RCS because RCS is considered a standard service and not a proprietary service.

Currently, RCS is only available on Android devices, but Google is seriously trying to force Apple to support this protocol with the GetTheMessage campaign because RCS is highly secure and provides many features to users. However, maybe Google Messages reaching 5 billion installations will encourage Apple to accept this standard.

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