Gameshark unveiled a new game controller with artificial intelligence capabilities

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This controller can adapt to your play style and predict which button you will press next.

If you are an old gamer, you are probably familiar with GameShark cheat codes. Now, after many years, this company has moved towards artificial intelligence with the new name of AI Shark. The company’s new controller can recognize when to press your next button with the help of artificial intelligence; In this way, the gameplay process will be better and faster.

According to a new report, the AI Shark controller has sensors that can detect the amount of pressure and when the button is pressed. The AI can then quickly apply adjustments to change button sensitivity and response time. Of course, it is still not possible to know how true the company’s claims are, and it is not clear how well this artificial intelligence can recognize the game style of gamers in practice.

Gameshark’s new controller artificial intelligence

Gameshark's new controller artificial intelligence
Gameshark’s new controller artificial intelligence


AI Shark says about this feature that the artificial intelligence of this controller adapts to your play style and examines your habits and preferences. This feature can suggest new button placements and sensitivity settings to make complex movements easier, no matter your skill level. For novice gamers, such a feature will act as a guide, while for seasoned gamers, this feature will constantly evolve to match their skill level.

The company has also introduced several other products on its website, such as headsets, keyboards, and mice, but its focus is more on this controller, which wants to adapt to the style of every gamer.

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When Gameshark released the cheat codes, it was not yet possible to play online games on the console. But now millions of gamers are competing against each other in Fortnite, Call of Duty and GTA Online every day. If this AI controller is as capable as the AI Shark claims, it seems like it’s giving gamers an unfair advantage; Maybe just like the fake codes that this company offered years ago.

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