Elon Musk: Twitter ticker will be enabled with new color combination next week

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According to Musk’s explanation, the corporate account tick will be gold, government accounts will be gray and ordinary people will be blue.

Elon Musk announced that Twitter’s Blue Tick program could be available again from Friday, December 2nd with a completely new way to verify people’s identities to solve impersonation problems.

Twitter confirmation tick in new colors

Twitter confirmation tick in new colors
Twitter confirmation tick in new colors

Twitter’s CEO described the new authentication process as “painful, but necessary” in his new tweet. Another noteworthy point is that account verification marks will be available in more colors and company account ticks will be displayed in gold, government accounts in gray and personal accounts in basic blue.

Musk wrote in his tweet:

“All verified accounts will have the same blue tick, as the boundary of what is considered ‘notable’ is otherwise highly subjective. “People can have a small secondary logo that shows they belong to an organization if it’s approved by that organization.

After buying this company, Elon Musk announced the subscription fee of the Twitter Blue service, which includes the blue tick, at $8 per month, which, of course, was not a brilliant idea at all.
Because after Musk ignored warnings from Twitter’s safety and trust staff, the platform’s Twitter Blue subscribers grew, leading to the creation of some “verified” accounts impersonating prominent personalities and brands, as well as reducing the interest of advertisers towards this social network.

Despite these issues, Musk has said the company won’t relaunch Twitter Blue until it is “certain that significant impersonations are not occurring.”

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Musk has previously said that Twitter will “probably use different colors for organizations than for individuals,” though he has now announced details of the plan for the first time.

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