Disclosure of artificial intelligence capabilities of Galaxy S24

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Today, some other AI capabilities of the Galaxy S24 series have been leaked, such as summarizing web articles and producing slow-motion videos.

Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S24 series on January 17. It is expected that the three phones of this series will have new artificial intelligence features. Now, some of the AI-based features of the series have been leaked.

According to a post by an informed source on X, the Galaxy S24 series will use its artificial intelligence, “Galaxy AI” in Internet browsing and slow-motion video creation. In the user interface of Galaxy One UI 6.1, artificial intelligence can do various things in the browser; For example, Galaxy AI identifies important content on a web page. Also, this artificial intelligence will have the ability to translate text and summarize articles. These features can help improve your productivity and reduce the time it takes to do things like read and understand articles.

Disclosure of artificial intelligence capabilities of Galaxy S24
Disclosure of artificial intelligence capabilities of Galaxy S24


Artificial intelligence in the Galaxy S24 series

The report also claims that with the new user interface and artificial intelligence, it is possible to select any part of a video and create a slow-motion version of it without the need for a separate app. However, we will have to wait until the event on December 27 to see how well this feature works in practice.

Some other Galaxy AI features have also been revealed, such as summarizing notes in the Samsung Note app, instant translation during a call, artificial intelligence wallpaper generation for the background image or lock screen. Also, this artificial intelligence may allow you to remove different subjects from images and videos.

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In general, Samsung has brought many innovations to the world of phones since 1988 when it released its first phone. This company updated the larger screens with the release of the Note series of phones. Then in 2014, it unveiled a water-resistant phone. In 2020, it launched touch-sensitive folding phones that were reminiscent of the company’s old folding phones. Now it seems that in 2024, the company will continue to innovate with the introduction of Galaxy AI.

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