BeReal will be equipped with a private message feature

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BeReal will be equipped with a private message feature

This feature will first be available to Irish users on a trial basis.

The BeReal app, which is used to capture and share real moments, is working on a chat feature for its users, and the feature will first be activated in Ireland on a trial basis.

According to TechCrunch, when the feature launches, users will be able to message their friends directly (rather than in a group format), send their BeReals and Moments privately (with no time limit), and with RealMoji (custom emojis). program) to react to other people’s messages.

Send a private message on BeReal

Send a private message on BeReal
Send a private message on BeReal

BeReal users can only send messages to people in their friend list. Also, the future chat system of this program will have blocking and reporting features. Another important point is that users can only delete messages for themselves, and if you intend to delete the messages completely from the system, both sides of a conversation must delete it.

The company told TechCrunch in an email that the private messaging feature has been one of the most commonly requested features by its users. Naturally, if you plan to talk about BeReal with your friends, direct and private chat is a better way than posting a comment that all users can see. Also, even though BeReal only allows its users to share their moments in certain time frames, the addition of private messaging functionality can increase users’ interaction with it so that perhaps among the many social networks that exist, BeReal can Find a permanent position.

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BeReal was first introduced at the beginning of last year and became so popular among users that Instagram also tested a feature similar to BeReal by copying it. In September of last year, the number of users of this program exceeded 10 million people, and at the beginning of this year, the number of daily users of this social network exceeded 20 million.

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