Apple Watch can accurately measure stress levels

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Researchers have made such a claim using the Apple Watch Series 6 ECG sensor and creating a machine-learning model.

Over the past few years, new and improved features have been added to smartwatches. Now, researchers from the University of Waterloo, Canada, by conducting a new study, have shown that the Apple Watch can accurately measure the stress level of users.

Using the Apple Watch Series 6 ECG sensor, the researchers found that there was a close correlation between ECG data, including the heart’s acceleration and deceleration capacity, with participants’ reported stress levels. Then, using this information, they developed machine learning algorithms to create a predictive model.

Stress models are said to have a “high level of accuracy” but less readability. In their study, the researchers conclude that the Apple Watch has “promising” potential for predicting stress, and suggest that as the device collects other health data such as sleep and activity data, even more data can be integrated into stress models to improve predictive accuracy. He increased them in this way.

Reducing users’ stress with Apple Watch

Reducing users' stress with Apple Watch
Reducing users’ stress with Apple Watch

The researchers believe that the Apple Watch could be used to help take care of users’ mental health, offering them activities such as breathing exercises to neutralize stress signals and respond early to changes related to mental health.

Competing devices such as Samsung Watches, Fitbit, and Garmin have offered users a stress measurement feature for some time, but Apple has yet to implement such a feature in its Health app.

Apple smartwatches have come to the aid of users several times in the past few years and have even saved their lives in many cases. Recently, another study said that the Apple Watch’s blood oxygen sensor is as reliable as medical devices. However, Apple is facing another problem. The International Trade Commission (ITC) recently ruled that the tech giant infringed AliveCor’s patents on its watches, which could ban sales of the Apple Watch in the United States.

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