Apple makes the display of its products brighter with LCoS technology

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Apple’s new patent mentions the use of bright LCoS displays in products such as smart glasses and iPhones and Macs.

In recent years, Apple has shown interest in a variety of display technologies, including OLED, Hybrid-OLED, microLED, OLEDoS, and LEDoS, and has registered patents centered on them. One of the important new technologies that caught Apple’s attention is LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon), which will be more advanced than LEDoS.

LCoS is a new display technology that is likely to be used in products such as augmented reality glasses that have small panels. The brightness of LCoS displays will be higher than LEDoS. Some analysts say that Apple’s augmented reality glasses will use LCoS.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has filed a new patent from Apple that relates to the use of LCoS in the company’s future devices “including a project that Apple has been working on for nearly a decade.”

Apple’s new patent shows the use of the LCoS panel in a variety of devices, including the MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and “wearables.” Such modern technology may increase the price of the iPhone and the price of the Mac.

According to the patent description, Apple places an array of light-emitting diodes on a special substrate to make its new display. These diodes may be non-integrated crystal semiconductor diodes. The substrate may be made of a semiconductor material such as silicon or a transparent material such as glass or plastic.

The circuit components can be placed inside the special spaces between the diodes. It’s also possible that Apple wants to move parts to the back surface of the substrate.

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If the substrate is made of a transparent material, the image sensor will be moved under the substrate. This allows the sensor to capture images by light passing through the transparent substrate. This type of technology will eventually allow Apple to move the selfie camera of its devices under the display.

Apple’s new patent has a lot of technical details, and if you are interested in display technologies, you can see the full patent information on the official website of the US Patent Office.

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