Apple has reduced its plans for the production of iPhone 15

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Apple has reduced its plans for the production of iPhone 15

Apparently, Apple had a problem with the mass production of some parts of the iPhone 15, such as the screen and camera, and this issue affected its production.

Apple will probably unveil the iPhone 15 series next month, and now there are many rumors that claim that the technology giant is having problems with the mass production of some of its parts, such as the display and camera. Although the iPhone 15 is still expected to be unveiled in September, analysts say Apple will reduce the production of new phones.

“Jeff Poe” explained to investors that despite these conditions, Apple will probably make 77 million iPhone 15 units by the end of the year. Earlier, it was estimated that the Cupertino giant would sell about 83 million iPhone 15 units this year. Poe also mentioned two reasons for his statement.

The reasons for the decline in iPhone 15 production

The reasons for the decline in iPhone 15 production
The reasons for the decline in iPhone 15 production

First, he explains that supply issues will continue to affect the mass production of the iPhone 15. Among the parts mentioned that are likely to delay the production of the new phones are the Sony camera sensors, the new titanium frame of the Pro models, and a new display with thinner bezels.

Pu also believes that Apple has lowered its sales estimates due to “concerns about demand.” According to rumors, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will be more expensive than their predecessors, and this could lead to a decrease in demand. Also, another report said that cheaper versions of the iPhone have become more popular.

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Apple also said in its fiscal third quarter 2023 report that iPhone sales fell from $40.67 billion to $39.67 billion. Apple CEO Tim Cook also told investors that fewer iPhones were sold in the US market.

About the iPhone 15 Pro models, it was said in the latest rumors that they will probably have 8 GB of RAM.

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