Android 15 was unveiled; Improved software and hardware compatibility for iOS grounding

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The first preview of Android 15 was unveiled with a series of new features and changes under the skin.

After waiting for a long time, Google finally announced the first official details of the Android 15 operating system. The latest mobile operating system of Google has experienced many changes under the skin to strengthen the connection between the software and hardware of all types of smartphones such as Google phones, Samsung phones, and Xiaomi phones.

Android 15 comes at a time when Google has been trying to strengthen its ties with Samsung. Focusing on platform health and working more closely with hardware partners makes perfect sense, especially if you want to compete with a company that has always been known for the connection between its software and hardware devices: Apple.

Android 15 release date

The first developer preview of Android 15 is available today, and the public beta version of this operating system will arrive in the spring of 1403.

Android 15 release date
Android 15 release date


As you can see in the official image above, Google is trying to bring its new operating system to a stable state in June 2024.

New features of Android 15

A significant part of the changes in Android 15 is related to the Dynamic Performance framework. This framework manages how setting applications interact with the device’s battery.

Android 15 will try to improve the charging of phones

The new changes are trying to help Android phones to respond better to CPU and GPU-related processes as well as better management of thermal systems.

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In Android 15, apps that do background processing for a long time will consume less power. These changes may not sound too exciting, but they are important to overall performance.


Android 15; Safe operating system for phones

Other changes in Android 15 focus on privacy, including a more powerful protection system to deal with malware that sneaks into apps’ files.

Android 15 is also equipped with the latest version of Privacy Sandbox; This feature, whose initial version was introduced a long time ago, gives apps new ways to use targeted ads while preserving user privacy.

Android 15’s changes aren’t just limited to privacy and performance. One of the new features is recording part of the page content, which was first seen in one of the betas of Android 14. Thanks to this feature, you can only record the content of the application’s user interface, not the entire page.

Android 15 has the latest version of Privacy Sandbox

Android 15 also improves the camera experience in various apps (Samsung has been making efforts in this direction for the past few months). The images you capture in low-light environments will be slightly brighter using the device’s processor to look better. Thanks to Android 15, app developers can access the device flash and control its intensity.

The amount of people buying Android phones in the large market of the United States has a significant gap with the number of people buying iPhones, and at the same time, the sales statistics in the entire mobile market have decreased. There are no signs that the situation will improve in the short term; Despite this, Google will continue its efforts to improve Android and the experience of working with Android phones.

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