An unexpected collaboration between Samsung and the creator of ChatGPT

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Sam Altman has traveled to South Korea to meet the executives of Samsung Electronics.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has traveled to South Korea to meet with leaders in the semiconductor industry, particularly Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix. Bloomberg reports that his trip is primarily focused on exploring possible investment partnerships in artificial intelligence processor manufacturing.

Altman is scheduled to meet with executives from several Samsung divisions. His meetings will be with units of System LSI, which designs processors, Samsung Semiconductor, which produces DRAM and 3D NAND memory, and Samsung Foundry, which builds processors.

Meetings with various Samsung businesses may indicate that Altman is exploring ways to design AI processors, manufacture them, and then equip them with memory.

Altman’s goal is likely to address the AI processor shortage and meet OpenAI’s needs for the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). OpenAI’s *Q (pronounced Q Star) technology can greatly advance the reasoning of artificial intelligence and is probably OpenAI’s first solid step towards achieving comprehensive artificial intelligence.

It is said that OpenAI needs more resources to develop the *Q project to bring it to a suitable commercial level. That’s why it needs a processor. Maybe OpenAI needs processors different from Nvidia graphics cards and Intel processors to achieve the mentioned goal.

Altman is scheduled to meet with the CEO of SK Hynix, a memory chip maker. Altman will likely negotiate with the company to supply HBM memory for AI processors.



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