Wrestling matches are coming to the X social network

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WWE brings content to this platform in collaboration with the X social network.

WWE has partnered with the X social network. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two companies have signed a two-year deal to broadcast a new weekly program called WWE Speed. Featuring timed matches lasting up to five minutes, the app will be available exclusively on the X platform.

Famous wrestlers are going to participate in WWE Speed. The broadcast of the program will start this spring and every week a new episode will be placed on X.

The social network X broadcasted exclusive content in the 2022 World Cup in cooperation with the Fox network. This year they will partner with NBC Universal to broadcast parts of the Paris Olympics.

X isn’t the only company stepping in to connect with the WWE Universe. This news has been published while Netflix has bought the rights to broadcast the popular and popular Monday night RAW program by paying five billion dollars for 10 years.

The Netflix deal includes weekly programming in the US, Canada and the UK, along with WWE NXT and Smack Down broadcasts outside the US. International audiences will have access to documentaries, new programs and exclusive series from next year.

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