Will the Galaxy S24 Ultra have a flat screen?

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Will the Galaxy S24 Ultra have a flat screen

A well-known leak says that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will probably have a flat display like the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus.

The Ice Universe account, which has a stellar track record of leaking Samsung information, has pointed to a major change in the Galaxy S24 Ultra: the use of a flat-screen. Currently, the ultra models of Samsung flagship phones are equipped with curved edge displays.

In 2014, Samsung became the first brand in the world to release a phone equipped with a curved screen by unveiling the Galaxy Note Edge. Then, the company introduced the curved display to the Galaxy S series phones. Today, the curved edge has become an important and professional feature in Samsung phones.

Ice Universe’s claim is based on leaked information about the dimensions of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. He says that according to his sources, the width of the new Samsung phone will reach 79 mm (the width of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is 78.1 mm). The increase in the width of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is justified only by the flattening of the screen.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra will have more powerful hardware than the current Korean flagship and will likely use a titanium frame. The price of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phone has not been determined yet; But it is not unlikely that Samsung will increase the price of its mobile phones in the Galaxy S24 series.

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