Tesla’s humanoid robot folds clothes! [watch]

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A new video shared by Elon Musk shows Tesla’s humanoid robot called Optimus folding clothes.

Over time, Elon Musk has added new functions to Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus. The billionaire billionaire has released a new video on X (formerly Twitter) that shows Tesla’s robot being able to fold clothes on the table. According to this video, Optimus performs very well in its task of folding t-shirts.

Optimus isn’t very fast at folding clothes, and humans can definitely get the job done much faster at this point. Optimus does not act independently to do this; Of course, Tesla’s ultimate goal for Optimus is to perform various tasks independently.


Optimus currently uses custom instructions to perform various tasks. Musk says his robot will eventually be able to do things autonomously.

Tesla recently showed off several interesting features of the Optimus robot by releasing videos, but it can be said that these features are all based on pre-programmed instructions, and the product cannot yet make decisions using artificial intelligence to do things.

It is an impressive achievement that humanoid robots can move soft materials such as cloth delicately; Because the goal of companies like Tesla is for Optimus to be used as a domestic servant, and in this situation it should be able to interact with objects and people just like humans.

It remains to be seen whether Musk’s claims for the release of the Optimus robot will come true or not. We still don’t know how far this robot is from becoming the final product, i.e. a domestic servant with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. However, competition in the robotics industry, from a large company like Tesla, can increase the speed of progress in this field.

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