Samsung is working on developing a foldable laptop with dual displays

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Samsung is apparently working on a new foldable laptop with dual displays. Recently, a new patent of this company has been seen, which shows the design of a device similar to the Asus ZenBook Fold.

According to reports based on this patent, the South Korea-based tech giant may be working on a dual-screen laptop. In the patent registered by Samsung for this device, many similarities with the Asus ZenBook Fold laptop are mentioned.

For those who don’t know, the Asus ZenBook Fold folding laptop uses a 17.3-inch display, the remarkable thing about which is the ability to fold. However, users can use it as a panel monitor, or as a laptop or even a tablet by folding the device’s display or using a wireless keyboard.

It can be expected that Samsung will provide similar functionality to users for its device, which is still registered as a patent. Of course, there is one major difference between the ZenBook Fold and this device. It seems that the Korean giant intends to use a physical keyboard in half of the device’s display. However, while the device’s display still folds fully, it doesn’t provide users with a full display surface. However, the half that houses the keyboard can also act as a secondary display.

In addition, there is a small space next to the keyboard of this folding laptop that can be used as a touchpad.

At the moment, there are no further details about this device in Samsung’s patent, nor are there any specifications. So we have to wait for more news about it.

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