The new telegram update was released; New features of Telegram

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Features that you will be surprised to see. Telegram may be at the top of social software

This update allows creating topics in groups and using multiple usernames at the same time and includes new emoji packs.

The new update of Telegram was made available to users with features such as the ability to create a subject or topic in groups, the simultaneous use of multiple usernames, and the conversion of video messages to text.

New features of Telegram

In the following, we have a look at the new features of Telegram.

Create topics in groups

Create topics in groups
Create topics in groups

One of the popular features of Telegram is groups; Groups that can host a large number of users. Now, to increase the use of these groups, Telegram has decided to provide the possibility of creating topics in groups with more than 200 members.

These topics can serve as separate chats in groups and support their shared media and notification settings. Members of groups can talk about different topics without any restrictions.

It is possible to create a topic in the group settings, and admins can also control the people who created the topic and their manager.

Simultaneous use of multiple usernames

Simultaneous use of multiple usernames
Simultaneous use of multiple usernames

One of the features of Telegram’s new update is the possibility of using multiple usernames at the same time. Therefore, users can go to several other usernames in addition to their main usernames. This feature, known as “Collectible Usernames“, uses the TON blockchain network.

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This feature is not free to use and you must purchase usernames on the Fragment platform. Unlike normal usernames, collectible usernames can be less than 5 characters.

Convert video message to the text

Convert video message to text
Convert video message to the text

One of the attractive features of Telegram’s new update is for premium service users. Telegram now allows premium paid service users to convert video messages or video messages to text.

New emoji packs, iOS night mode redesign, and Android text resizing

In this update, we are faced with 12 new emoji packs, and premium users can use them in any message and caption. In addition, Telegram has redesigned night mode for iOS users to be more balanced and show better performance when scrolling between chats.

In this Telegram update, users can increase the text of all chats, from reply headers to link previews.

Telegram update
Telegram update

Telegram has implemented several design improvements in this update, including a new animation when swiping to the left to reply. Finally, we are facing interactive emojis and new reactions.

If you know a new feature of Telegram, share it with us.

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