Intel has bet its future on artificial intelligence

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The next generation of Intel processors called Panther Lake will arrive in 2025 with a focus on artificial intelligence.

In recent months, we have seen the presentation of various tools that work based on artificial intelligence, including image generators, text summarization tools, and helpers for writing articles and emails. Such models require a lot of processing power to function properly and have put hardware manufacturers into very tough competition.

Intel is considered one of the giants of the hardware market and is now preparing to release new products focusing on artificial intelligence technology. In the fourth quarter 2023 financial income report of Intel, it is stated that this company is manufacturing Panther Lake series processors.

Intel has plans to produce new families of processors including Lunar Lake and Arrow Lake. The company claims that the mentioned processors make artificial intelligence processes up to three times faster, and with the release of Panther Lake series processors in 2025, we will see a doubling of their artificial intelligence processing power.

Intel has bet its future on artificial intelligence
Intel has bet its future on artificial intelligence


Intel has pointed out that the Panther Lake series processors are intended for the general market, and in other words, any normal user can buy one of these processors and use it on their personal computer.

Intel currently manufactures Clearwater Forest processors, but these products are only designed for use in servers. After Blue Team completes orders for servers, it will begin production of Panther Lake processors; Processors that will use Cougar Cove cores to improve AI features.

The information about the Intel Panther Lake processor is limited at the moment and it is not possible to say whether these products will become the list of the best processors in the market for home computers or not.

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