X’s new victim; Elon Musk took over @music username without paying

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Platform X has just forced the @music user ID out of the hands of the user who owned it.

After taking over the handle or user ID of X for Twitter, now another user account with the music ID, which had about 455 thousand followers, also announces the takeover of his account by this company. The owner of this account has expressed his displeasure and displeasure over this action.

The latest victim of Elon Musk’s efforts to rebrand Twitter to X is Jeremy Watt, who says the social network has removed his @music handle, which had 455,000 followers, without payment. Company X simply informed him in an email that the handle of this account will be removed.

This handle is now used for the account that used to be called “Twitter Music“. Unlike former Twitter, Company X does not use prefixes in many of its accounts. For example, Twitter Support has changed to Support and Twitter Movies to Movies.

Social network X takes over the necessary handles

Social network X takes over the necessary handles
Social network X takes over the necessary handles

Watt says his account ID has been changed to @musicfan, but his previous data and followers have transferred over without issue. Of course, he says that he was offered other options such as @musicmusic, @music123, and @musiclover so that he can use one of these identifiers if he wishes. But the interesting thing is that all these handles were already selected by other accounts.

Jeremy Watt, who was very angry about this incident, wrote in a tweet about it: “16 years ago, I created @music and have been running it ever since. But now Twitter/X owns it.”

The acquisition of the @music ID occurs in a situation where this social network recently removed the @ x ID from its previous owner, “Jin X Huang” in the same way. In that case, this company sent an email to Huang and said that @x handle is part of the company’s assets.

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