Windows 12 release time; Bad news for Microsoft fans

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Apparently, Microsoft has no plans to release Windows 12 in 2024 and wants to stay focused on Windows 11.

According to a report by Windows Central citing informed sources, the next big update of Microsoft’s popular operating system may not be called Windows 12 after all but will be a part of Windows 11 with a special focus on artificial intelligence.

More precisely, it is said that Microsoft will release the “24H2 version” of Windows 11 in 2024, which will replace the 23H2 version.

It has been announced in many rumors that the next big version of Windows is coming with the name of Windows 12 and it has special attention to artificial intelligence. However, it seems that the release of successive versions of Windows 11 continues and for now we are not going to see the unveiling of Windows 12.

Currently, the next big update of Windows is mentioned with many code names like Hudson Valley and Germanium. These codenames refer to the test version that will be available to Microsoft’s business partners before the general release.

Microsoft’s Germanium operating system is expected to arrive for enterprises in April, and the final version won’t be available to general users until at least September. Computers that ship with Germanium by default will be unveiled in June.

Microsoft reportedly has stricter RAM and Neural Processing Unit (NPU) requirements for the new Windows, but we don’t know how much these strictures will affect Windows 12 install rates.

Windows Central says Microsoft is looking to use the OS Swap method to install a new update (this method replaces the previous version of an operating system with a new version). Windows 11 version 23H2 was made available by applying a series of fixes to the installed operating system.

The 24H2 version of Windows 11 is supposed to connect Microsoft’s desktop operating system with artificial intelligence more than ever before while improving security, performance, and user experience.

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