Will Apple Watch be equipped with a flashlight?

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Apple has filed a new patent that refers to an external flashlight in a smartwatch.

According to reports, Apple is considering adding a flashlight to its upcoming smartwatch with a patent titled “Optical Module for Wearable Device”.

The technical drawings inside the patent explain how the Cupertino intends to fit a flashlight (or optical module) into Apple’s smartwatch and how it will work.

Schematic Apple Watch designed in the patent
Schematic Apple Watch designed in the patent

Apple Watches have the ability to turn into a flashlight, so that the screen brightness is set to the maximum and turns completely white, allowing users to see their surroundings in the dark, but people have to turn their wrist and watch face take to the environment.

According to the design in the patent, Apple will add a light module to the watch band that will allow the user to use it like a flashlight. This external flashlight has a separate battery so that it does not lose its energy.

Apple’s smartwatch flashlight also has a separate button to turn it on and off, but the patent states that “the optical module can communicate with the wearable device to activate (on) or disable (off) one or more light sources from the modular optical assembly. ) slow.

In another part of the patent description, Apple mentions that the flashlight can be detached from the watch strap; However, in some cases, it may remain permanently connected.

Therefore, the external flashlight may come as a separate accessory, or the iPhone maker may release new bands with a light module.

Although patents don’t often translate into commercial products, it would be interesting to see an external flashlight on an Apple smartwatch. Garmin smartwatches now offer this feature on some models.

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