WhatsApp will be equipped with the ability to respond to statuses through avatars

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WhatsApp users can now use avatars to reply to statuses with the latest beta version of the messenger.

The latest WhatsApp update, version, allows users to react to other users’ statuses with stickers in the form of avatars.

Meta’s WhatsApp messenger has just introduced several new features. It seems that the process of releasing new features is going to continue in the coming days.

WhatsApp will be equipped with the ability to respond to statuses
WhatsApp will be equipped with the ability to respond to statuses

WhatsApp beta users can now react to statuses with an avatar

The newly introduced feature of WhatsApp for replying to statuses brings advantages. This feature is currently available to a limited number of WhatsApp beta users. In the coming weeks, more users are expected to be able to access this feature.

Before the release of the beta version of WhatsApp, users of this messenger could only react to statuses using 8 emojis and had limitations in expressing emotions. This new update provides users with 8 avatars to show a wider range of reactions and emotions to statuses. This update can provide a better user experience for many users.

In addition, WhatsApp is developing more features. Among these features, we can point out features such as sharing photos and videos with HD quality, tags generated by artificial intelligence, and an advanced contact interface.

It should be seen how users react to these features. It should also be seen whether these features may encounter bugs or not. Of course, we have to see when WhatsApp plans to make such features available to all its users. As mentioned, not all users of this messenger have access to the new features.

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