WhatsApp is changing the message menu

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With this change, when you tap on one of the messages, you’ll be presented with a new drop-down menu that includes various options.

WhatsApp is currently working on several new features such as channels and the ability to edit messages. Now a new testing feature has been spotted for this messaging service that will revolutionize the messaging menu.

According to published reports, the newly designed Messages menu is currently in beta testing and has shared a few screenshots showing the menu’s new look. Currently, when users tap and hold on to a message, a few emojis are shown to react, and there are options like delete the message and forward in the top bar.

New design of WhatsApp messages menu

New design of WhatsApp messages menu
New design of WhatsApp messages menu

But according to the provided image of the latest version of WhatsApp (v2.23.11.4), you will be faced with a drop-down menu when selecting messages. Apparently, this new menu is similar to what is already in the iOS version of the app. In this version, the delete, forward, reply, and info options are in a drop-down list, and the reaction emojis still appear at the top of each message.

The new WhatsApp messages menu is still under development and only beta testers have access to it. However, this change shows that the popular messaging app Meta plans to use a common design language across all platforms. With this feature, WhatsApp also revives its application design language and offers some modern features to users.

WhatsApp has also recently been testing another feature called Chat Lock, which provides users with a higher level of security. With this feature, users can move some of their conversations to a folder called Locked Chats that can be opened with a password or fingerprint. Also, notifications related to chats inside this folder will be hidden.

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