This free artificial intelligence tool can generate songs for you from text [Watch]

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TextToSample AI tool allows you to easily write the description of the music you want and get a sample song accordingly.

AI software developers Samlab has unveiled a new free plugin for VST3 that can create musical samples from text commands. This plugin called TextToSample, which is also published independently, allows you to easily write the description of the music you want and get a sample song accordingly.

The TextToSample plugin uses Meta’s set of artificial intelligence tools for sound generation, called MusicGen, and is trained with the help of open-text data.

It is possible to use this artificial intelligence in two ways; You can either just ask the software to generate sound for you with text commands, or you can present your music pieces to the program and tell it to add something to your song based on that.

Song production becomes easier with TextToSample

The user interface of this software is very minimal and simple, so you can easily use it; But there are also limitations. For example, if you want to add a voice to your music, this program cannot properly take into account the previous sounds in your song and produce something in harmony with it. As a result, it is necessary to do trial and error several times to get the right result.

However, using TextToSample is an overall interesting experience. With this tool, you can produce sounds that you might never have thought of. In the video above, you can see how extensive and surprising the capabilities of this tool are.

Considering that AI tools usually have various bugs, TextToSample is no exception. For example, this tool can automatically add instrumental sounds to a track that you didn’t ask for.

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The developers of Samlab say that this program is not going to replace musicians and it is not even as skilled as them; however, as a free tool, you can go for it and use its various features.

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