The James Webb telescope captured a stunning image of the planet Saturn

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The James Webb Space Telescope is in full swing, and in its first official image of Saturn, it has revealed a fascinating view of the solar system’s lord of the rings. Saturn’s rings appear as if they are glowing in this image.

NASA has just shared a stunning image taken by the James Webb Telescope that captures the beauty of Saturn and its rings. This photo was taken on June 25 by the observatory’s NIRCam, or near-infrared camera, and has surprised many enthusiasts.

In the description of this image, NASA wrote: “Saturn itself appears extremely dark in the infrared wavelengths seen by this telescope because the methane gas absorbs almost all the light received in the planet’s atmosphere. “But Saturn’s icy rings remain relatively bright, and they show this different appearance in [James] Webb’s image.”

This photo was recorded during 20 hours of observation of the planet Saturn. A few days ago, a rough preview of these observations was published on the unofficial JWST Feed website. But this new image, by doing more processing, has found many differences from those raw images.

The James Webb telescope captured a stunning image of the planet Saturn
The James Webb telescope captured a stunning image of the planet Saturn

Saturn’s moons are also found in James Webb’s image

Although Saturn’s rings are the main star of this image, we can also see the moons “Enceladus”, “Tethys” and “Dione” with a little precision. These moons are only three of the 145 known moons for this planet.

It was just a few months ago that researchers announced the discovery of 62 new moons around Saturn. Now, in the post related to this new image, NASA wrote about these moons: “Every new moon found helps scientists to get a more complete picture of the current state of the solar system and its past.”

Among these, Enceladus is one of the most attractive moons of Saturn for astronomers; Because it is possible that there is liquid water under its ice.

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