The development of artificial intelligence should be continued without any fear; Senior Data Scientist at Meta Company

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“The evolution of computer vision in the industry in the last decade” was the topic of the speech of Hamidreza Vaezi, chief data officer at Meta Company, at the second artificial intelligence conference in the industry. He believes that it is never too late to enter the field of computer vision and that humanity should continue to grow artificial intelligence in the world and not be afraid of it.

Regarding the changes in computer vision in the world in the last decade, Vaezi said: “At the beginning, we must explain computer vision, which is an important part of artificial intelligence. Computer vision does three main tasks: first, we need to see what the photo is; Then let’s see where the image is; Then we have to see where the objects we are looking for are in the image.” Computer vision is one of the branches of computer science that includes methods related to acquiring images, processing, analyzing, and understanding their content.

This issue is raised in the field of studies related to the subject of artificial intelligence, and by using this technology, the concept of seeing can be defined for a computer. In fact, in this way, computers find the ability to identify and understand the content in “Digital Images” and videos.

Vaezi, pointing out that the history of computer vision dates back to 1956, said: “This issue was investigated more seriously later. In 1974, the first computer vision product with the ability to recognize images was designed, and now it has reached its current position after the ups and downs it has had.”

He mentioned the issue of Image Net, which is very important in the subject of computer vision: “In 2010 and 2011, the error was about 28%, and since 2012, which is the beginning of our discussion, we reached 16% error. This was a big event. The same process was repeated and the next year the error was less. This event (reduction of errors) is a very good event that can lead to various developments.”

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He believes that the development of artificial intelligence in facial recognition, due to its use in the authentication of financial services, in surgeries, and in self-driving cars, shows the importance of this technology and should not be feared.

Vaezi explained the increase in interest in machine learning over time: “In 2013, only a hundred people were working on machine learning at Apple. The year after that, what happened was that we went from 100 people to 400 people, and in 2015, this number for us exceeded 1000 people.

According to Vaezi, the continuation of this process can bring humanity to the point where all the people on the planet are working on machine learning for important companies in the world by 2050.

Pointing to the importance of Face ID in the development of computer vision, Vaezi said that Face ID has made it possible for us to know that computer vision is very, very accurate. Ao also mentioned the topic of AI as a service and said: “This issue is attractive to us because you don’t have to do everything from scratch and with the help of this system, part of the work is done for you. Is.”

Vaezi further addressed the issue of camera quality and added: “The quality of the camera in smartphones is important for everyone, and you should know that artificial intelligence has greatly contributed to the quality of the camera.” In 2012, we only had a machine learning model that only told us what the image you see is; But today, when we talk about camera quality, we see a lot of progress in this field; For example, the noise has decreased. “All this progress originates from different models of artificial intelligence.”

In this meeting, he also mentioned self-driving cars and the importance of artificial intelligence in these products and explained: Currently, all the famous companies in the field of technology have been working on the issue of self-driving cars for years, and with the presence of artificial intelligence, this issue has reached a point where We can imagine a great development for it in the future.

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Vaezi believes that artificial intelligence has been heavily discussed in various cases in the past years and it is supposed to become more accurate in all fields in the coming years. He believes that mankind should advance technology and help its progress, while opening the way for a stronger presence of technology in life; Without being afraid of this development: “Artificial intelligence can change the game for you in the future. It is not too late for the development and growth of computer vision; We have to keep ourselves updated because two years from now will be different from today. We have only been involved in this issue for ten years and we will definitely see interesting things in the future in the field of computer vision.

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