Telegram was updated; Registration with anonymous numbers, timer for global deletion of messages and Topics 2.0

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Telegram’s new update allows you to use anonymous numbers that are sold on the Fragment site for registration.

For many years, Telegram messenger required users to have a SIM card and give their number to the service to register. But now in the new update of this application, this prerequisite has been removed and it is possible to create an anonymous virtual number for registration.

All devices in the market do not have a SIM card, and due to the release of iPhones without a SIM card in America, Telegram has taken a step toward supporting virtual numbers. In the update of its messenger, this company has removed the need for a SIM card and in cooperation with the Fragment website, allows users to use the various features of this service by creating a virtual anonymous number.

The Fragment website, which was previously launched to sell Telegram usernames, now provides users with a number that is private and just like SIM cards, unique to you. Of course, these numbers, which come with the prefix 888, are not free and are sold for a fee.

Telegram's new update
Telegram’s new update

Timer for global deletion of messages in Telegram

This update also provides users with additional privacy features. One of these features, which was previously available to users in a different way, is the timer for the automatic deletion of chats. Previously, this feature was only available for individual chats, but now you can enable it globally for all chats to delete all new conversations after a certain amount of time.

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Of course, this feature, by default, deletes messages that have been sent since the timer was set. But if you want, you can manually define in which chats it is possible to delete previous messages with a timer.

The new generation of topics in groups

The new generation of topics in groups
The new generation of topics in groups

Another new feature of the Telegram update changes in the topics section, which has been introduced as Topics 2.0. This update allows users to see uncategorized messages as before, even if threads are enabled in a group. Additionally, the message counters in the thread list now differ depending on which thread you’ve already visited. Also, now each group can have a maximum of five pinned topics.

The next feature for groups is the Aggressive Anti-Spam filter. This feature allows administrators of large groups with more than 200 members to manage spam messages through automated algorithms without the need for third-party tools. They can also report the errors of these algorithms to Telegram.

In addition, Telegram now allows users who do not have a public ID and do not want to give their number to others, to create a temporary QR code and through that give their account to the person or people they want to talk to. hit

The last feature of the new version of Telegram is to increase the details of the Storage Usage section in Android. This section now shows you how much space each chat has taken up on your device.

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