Moment marketing examples and Its importance for businesses 2024

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“Moment marketing examples and Their importance for businesses” is a question that we want to address comprehensively and completely. Micro-moment Marketing is one of the effective marketing methods that focuses on moments of need. In this article, you will get to know the definition of moment marketing and its importance, as well as the method of implementing this type of marketing.

The increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets and the integration of technology with our daily lives has created a new form of marketing called “moment marketing” that depends on micro-moments.

If you want to learn about moment marketing, its importance, and how to do it, stay with us in the rest of this article.

What is moment marketing?

The basis of Micro-moment Marketing is formed around the moments when a feeling of need arises in humans. It is at these moments that people go to their devices such as smartphones or tablets to fulfill their needs. This need can be to go somewhere; or knowing something, or doing work, or buy goods or services.
In general, these immediate needs can be divided into four categories:

• need to know;
• need to do;
• Need to go somewhere;
• Need to buy.

Time marketing
Moment marketing

Due to the growing ability of search engines to provide thousands of results for each search, users’ expectations for the quality of the results they see for their search have increased dramatically. Today, people expect to receive an answer in the shortest possible time that best matches the moment they are in.

For example, if someone searches Google to find a French restaurant, they expect to see a list of the closest French restaurants. This is the “need to go” moment, and so one is looking for nearby restaurants, not the best restaurants in America.

What are the benefits and importance of moment marketing?

From a marketing point of view, moments are decisive. In fact, in these moments of need, people are not looking for a brand; Rather, they want a business, product, or service that fulfills the desired need. This difference in the customer’s demand makes the accuracy of the opinion more important in the marketing of the moment.

Among the advantages and benefits of moment marketing, the following can be mentioned:

1. Moment marketing attracts the customer’s attention at the right moment

Human attention span is limited and this can make it more difficult to reach your target audience; not only do you have to communicate with your target market at the right time; but You should also use a message that is accurate and easy for the audience to understand.

But with in-the-moment marketing, you can target potential customers exactly when they’re looking for what you have to offer.

To take advantage of in-the-moment marketing, you need to create content that targets moments of need.
This content should be valuable for the audience; This means that it should provide him with the information he needs to act on his desire to buy, learn, do something, or go somewhere.

Time checking process
What are the benefits and importance of moment marketing?

2. No matter how big or small the business is, it increases brand awareness

Whether we look at the market situation from the consumer’s point of view or the brand’s point of view, in any case, we cannot deny the existence of a multitude of diverse options that are available to customers. In such a situation, whether you have a small or medium-sized business or a well-established and well-known organization, in any case, you have to compete with others for market share.

By using in-the-moment marketing, you can increase brand awareness among your target audience. Increasing brand awareness and attention can help your audience remember your company in their “need-to-know moments.” This, in turn, can cause them to enter the “moment of need to buy“.
Here too, you can use content to increase brand awareness.

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For example, you can create and publish blog posts and content that answer common questions from users researching your products, services, or industry. Additionally, you can help build awareness of your brand by posting on social media or through advertising.

3. There are competitive advantages for those who are early to use moment marketing

If you invest seriously in moment marketing, your increasing success will not be far from expected.
By using the marketing of the moment, you meet the expectations of your target audience and provide them with the resources and information so that they can realize their desire. This in turn can lead to an online purchase, an in-person purchase, or a call to your business.
These moments of need are not only inexhaustible; Rather, with the ever-increasing growth of new technologies and their influence on the daily life of consumers, they gradually increase. In such a situation, in order not to fall behind the competition, you must serve your audience and their moments.

What is meant by marketing time
Moment marketing examples

Using moment marketing: how to respond to customer moments?

Considering the advantages that we have listed, now we have to answer the important question, “How should we use moment marketing?” To take advantage of moment marketing, you need to focus on answering the following four questions:

1. Who?

If you want to attract the opinion of your target audience, you must first know them. To understand the target audience, you need to identify general and demographic characteristics (such as age or geographic location) as well as their pain points and needs.
To create a competitive moment marketing campaign, first, determine the common characteristics of your target audience and then segment your target market.

2. What?

Although many people are looking for the same things, they express their desires in different words and phrases.
To develop a smart strategy, research what your target audience is searching for at every moment of their need.
Customers often use a wide variety of keywords in “need-to-know moments“; But the keywords used in “moments of need to buy” are narrower and more predictable.

Find your target market’s search patterns so you can incorporate those words or phrases into your digital marketing strategy.
This information can make you stand in front of customers and ahead of competitors at the right moment.

3. Where?

Researching the same places where people are most present and searching, as well as analyzing the parts of the site that are most visited, is one of the effective marketing techniques.
For example, if you own a restaurant downtown, you may find that most of your customers find your business when they are downtown.

This customer search process can reveal a “need-to-go moment”: when people are downtown (whether for work or pleasure), they tend to go somewhere after they’re done. This information can help you focus on specific actions and programs such as Google My Business optimization.

Monitoring the number of visits by users to different parts of the website (for example, through Google Analytics) can also determine the wants and needs of your audience. For instance, if your site visitors refer more to product purchase pages, they are probably in the “need to buy moment” and therefore you should provide the necessary conditions to complete the purchase process.

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4. When?
Paying attention to the timing of each moment can also help to formulate an intelligent and performance-oriented campaign of the moment. This time can be the time of day, day of the week, part of the year, etc.

For example, an online store whose sales depend on seasonal occasions should monitor the times when the search volume for the services and products it offers increases, so that when this growth begins, appropriate digital marketing measures, such as click-through advertising campaigns, can be phased in. execute

On the other hand, an online food ordering site can use click ads all year round but formulate its campaign in such a way that it is only active during certain hours and days of the week. By using this strategy, the marketing campaign can be optimized for the time when the audience needs the business.

5. Why?

Identifying the “why” of the user for the formation of each moment and the reason for action to satisfy his desire or need is one of the necessities that every business should specifically focus on.

To answer why you should pay attention to the factors you considered in answering the previous questions. After understanding the reason or the trigger that makes the customer move, you can formulate effective marketing campaigns for the moment.

In addition, you can adjust your content to answer the customer’s specific concerns or questions and ultimately persuade him to choose your business. It is ultimately necessary to make it clear to the customer why he should buy from your online store instead of another online store.

Moment marketing examples
Moment marketing examples

Successful moment marketing examples

Active companies in different fields have concluded that moment marketing is one of the best ways to create and strengthen relationships with current and new customers, which can cause significant business growth. Here are two examples of extremely famous companies that have used this type of marketing.

  • Nestlé Waters

Nestlé Waters, as a very large and long-standing company, noticed changes in the way and trend of internet searches. Nestlé found that mobile phones and tablets, and technology in general, have opened up a place in people’s lives that they even research and search for the choice of water they drink.

Nestlé felt it needed to get closer to its audience and their micro-moments, But this was difficult for a company that did most of its interactions directly through its retailers around the world.
Finally, by changing its policies, the company started communicating and interacting with online customers similarly to face-to-face customers. As a result, there were significant changes in marketing experience and output; To the extent that the cost of customer acquisition was reduced by more than 30%.

  • Hyundai

In recent years, the automobile industry has seen significant changes in the way people choose and buy. Nowadays, people rely more on their research and don’t care about the suggestions of exhibitors like in the past.

For this reason, it should be placed in front of the customer’s sight in the very early stages of the formation of the “need to buy“. Although most of the car sales volume is done through showrooms, the shopping journey begins on the Internet.
As soon as Hyundai saw this change, it changed the way it communicates with customers.

Now, in addition to exhibitions, Hyundai provides the possibility of practical car testing at the home, office, or anywhere you want.

In addition, the company required its dealers to list prices without showroom discounts or periodic incentives to make it easier to see the full price of each car and make decisions at the moment. This change in the shopping experience has become a complete success for Hyundai.

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Frequently asked questions about Moment marketing examples and Its importance for businesses

  • What is Moment Marketing?

Moment Marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating real-time and relevant marketing messages that capitalize on the current moment or event to create a strong connection with the audience.

  • Why is Moment Marketing important for businesses?

Moment Marketing is important for businesses because it helps to create a strong connection with the audience and enhance brand visibility. It allows businesses to create engaging content that resonates with the audience in real time and helps to increase engagement, social media shares, and conversions.

  • What are some examples of Moment Marketing?

Some examples of Moment Marketing include Oreo’s tweet during the Super Bowl blackout, Nike’s World Cup campaign, and KitKat’s tweet during the break-up of One Direction.

  • How can businesses incorporate Moment Marketing into their strategy?

Businesses can incorporate Moment Marketing into their strategy by staying up-to-date with the latest trends, being active on social media platforms, and by monitoring the news and current events to identify opportunities for real-time marketing messages.

  • What are the benefits of Moment Marketing?

The benefits of Moment Marketing include increased engagement, enhanced brand visibility, increased social media shares, and conversions.

  • Is Moment Marketing only suitable for social media platforms?

No, Moment Marketing is not only suitable for social media platforms. It can be used across various marketing channels such as email marketing, content marketing, and video marketing.

  • Can small businesses use Moment Marketing?

Yes, small businesses can use Moment Marketing. They can leverage their local events, news, and trends to create real-time marketing messages that resonate with their audience.

  • How can businesses ensure that their Moment Marketing messages are relevant and engaging?

Businesses can ensure that their Moment Marketing messages are relevant and engaging by staying true to their brand values, being creative, and ensuring that the message is timely and on-trend.

  • What are some challenges of Moment Marketing?

Some challenges of Moment Marketing include the risk of creating insensitive or inappropriate content, the need for quick responses and agility, and the need for a thorough understanding of the audience and the current trends.

  • Can Moment Marketing be planned in advance?

While Moment Marketing is typically real-time, it can be planned in advance by monitoring the news and current events to identify potential opportunities for real-time marketing messages. However, it is important to be flexible and agile to ensure that the message is still relevant and engaging when the opportunity arises.

Final word

Understanding the wants and needs of consumers is the first and most effective way to business success.

In the meantime, moment marketing is a sure way to improve the customer journey experience and strengthen brand awareness, as well as increase revenue and business growth. For this reason, exploiting this type of marketing and paying attention to the moments of customer need is a necessity for any business, neglecting which can prevent the flourishing of growth and development potentials.

Therefore, according to the items and tips that we have listed in this article, get to work and shine the marketing light of the moment on your marketing strategies.

In this article, we talked about Moment marketing examples and Their importance for businesses. If you also know more examples of moment marketing, share them with us so that we can produce a comprehensive article.

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