What is the goal of social marketing + tactics and tricks

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In this, we intend to answer the question “What is the goal of social marketing” and examine all its aspects.

It has been less than two decades since the creation of social media, but these young social networks are gradually replacing all media, and on the other hand, businesses can no longer ignore social media to achieve their marketing goals.

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably wondered many times how you can use social networks to further your business goals. In this article, we look at five important goals that businesses can achieve on social networks. So, if you are a business owner and you are going to work on social networks or if you are responsible for managing social networks for companies, this article can be useful for you.
social media marketing
What is the goal of social marketing

Important benefits of social media marketing

As we said, presence and marketing in social media are very important. Therefore, choosing this method can have important advantages that we mention below:

1. Increasing brand awareness
2. Generating quality leads
3. Improve the conversion rate
4. Establishing deep, long-term, and two-way relationships with audiences
5. Analyzing competitors and learning from them
6. Increasing incoming traffic for the site
7. Effect on SEO and improvement of ranking in search engines
8. Receiving audience and followers’ information
9. Increasing customer loyalty
10. Creating added value
11. Improve brand credibility
12. Good cost and effectiveness
13. Market leadership and intellectual leadership
14. Become a content source
15. Customer behavior
16. Setting up customer affairs and support
17. Brand humanization

5 Goals of Social Media Marketing in Business

Before starting and dealing with social network marketing techniques and principles, it is necessary to define them. In a simple sense, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is using different social networks and creating content in them to achieve marketing and sales goals.

But if we want to explain more fully, we must say that social network marketing means using social platforms to communicate with audiences, branding, increasing sales, and even increasing website traffic. In this system, you get involved in publishing the best content, listening to the words of followers and interacting with them, analyzing the results, and running advertising campaigns.

  • Increase advertising

Marketing is the funniest and main goal of social network companies. Many companies, from well-known online stores to small home businesses, work through social networks for this purpose, and many of them have been successful in doing so.
We all know many major Instagram sites or the only marketing portal is their small and simple Instagram page, but can any business with any product succeed in social media? What content should be produced for sale? And what strategies did he use?


  • Increasing brand awareness

In the past, street signs, newspapers, television, etc. were the only media that brands could use to promote themselves because most of the time people were watching TV, reading newspapers, etc. Few people watch TV today. listen or go to the magazine! The online space is gaining access to more and more popular social media every day, allowing brands to leverage this potential to grow and increase brand awareness.

A look at this information may help to understand this topic better:
Social networks allow you to analyze your advertising and marketing plans more accurately than other media, and the number of people your message reaches. Repetition and Audience Engagement have arrived. A marketing plan is more accurate than ever before, reaching a larger audience at all times.
Increasing brand awareness in social media requires different strategies and methods such as influencer marketing, conducting different campaigns such as contests, and so on. which is usually done at great expense.
social media marketings
social media marketings


  • Communicate and receive customer feedback

In the recent past, customer feedback was provided to companies through various methods such as complaint and suggestion boxes, surveys, etc., although these methods are still used, social media is one of the best ways to help companies get feedback. is customer feedback. and receive an audience. On the other hand, these comments, seen by other users, can often help your new customers make easier decisions about your product or service.


On the other hand, if your brand has moved through marketing channels, some of your customers have become fans who like to follow and interact with their favorite brand on social media or in various discussions about the brand. mine and what better than that brand’s social media page?!


For this purpose, by using social networks, you can measure the interaction of the audience with your brand and know how successfully you managed the advertising, for example, how many times the team used it View your hashtag, how much interest and comments there are How many people have visited your page.


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social media
social media


  • Public Relations (Information Channel)

Public relations of any organization communicates with the public through various media, social networks have provided opportunities for public relations organizations to provide answers, messages, and news related to the organization to the public.

For example, in the case of Snap driver abuse and the various narratives created on the Snap brand, social networks became a communication channel between the audience and the company, and the company’s responses were published on social networks in addition to the news media.


  • Increasing website traffic and lead collection

Social networks have provided this opportunity so that you can easily direct the audience to your website, for example, you can share the article you just published on your blog as a story on your Instagram page or send its link to Telegram channels and other uses. Information gathering techniques such as email, phone numbers, etc. from the audience (potential customers) to achieve marketing goals.

Types of social media marketing

There are different types of social media marketing. But in general, this solution is divided into four main categories, which we refer to below:
1. Social networking (Facebook and LinkedIn)
2. Microblogging (Twitter and Tumblr)
3. Image sharing (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest)
4. Video sharing (YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, and Vimeo)

Social media marketing tactics and tricks

There are many tactics and tricks to be successful in your social media marketing program. Different people have raised different issues according to their experiences. Here are the most important points:

1. Development of presence and content strategy
2. Using storytelling and appropriate tools
3. Paying necessary expenses for marketing and advertising
4. Considering video content as part of the content strategy
5. Compliance with basic and fundamental matters
6. Using targeted advertising
7. Introducing yourself as an authentic and reliable source of content
8. Continuity in producing and publishing content, especially video content
9. Special focus on communicating with followers
10. Coverage of business news
11. Converting customers into brand ambassadors
12. Use of User Generated Content (UGC)
13. Addressing users by name
14. Establishing two-way interaction
15. Accurate knowledge of the target audience
16. Collaborate with the sales team to better understand the customer journey
17. Being sociable
18. Showing attractive aspects of business
19. Expression of successes and failures
20. Asking questions to followers
21. Custom tone and style
22. Creating a personality for the brand
23. Cooperation with influencers
24. Use of statistics, figures, and infographics
25. Holding competitions and challenge programs

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8 steps to get started with social media marketing

1. Identify your social media marketing goals.

Each piece of the puzzle of your social media marketing strategy serves the goals you set. To put it bluntly, it is impossible to move forward if you don’t know what to expect in front of you.

Take a close look at your company’s overall needs and see how you want social media to help you achieve your goals. No doubt you will achieve some of your own personal goals, but in any case, there are a few goals that all companies should consider in their strategy.

For example, increasing brand awareness, retaining customers and reducing marketing costs are all common goals of companies.

It is better to choose two primary goals and two secondary goals and focus on them. Having too many goals will derail you and distract you, and you will end up not achieving any of them.

Sometimes the number and type of goals depend on the simplicity or complexity of your business. For example, for a small and newly established restaurant, the goal can be to find new customers for the restaurant, or for an old restaurant, it can be to maintain contact with current customers and increase their purchases.

2. Consider the marketing achievements for yourself.

What we mean by achievements are the small goals that you have to successfully complete in order to reach bigger goals. If you don’t have the parameters to determine the time to reach your goals, the goals will not be that useful. For example, if one of your primary goals is to get ahead of your competitors and make good sales, exactly how much of this work do you need to do to make sure you’ve successfully reached your goal?

Marketing achievements describe how you got from point A (unfavorable conditions, unmet goal) to point B (successfully met goal). The principles of social media marketing tell you that you can define your achievements with the S-M-A-R-T approach: Your achievements must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. ) to be

If we use the previous example of social media marketing, if your goal is to get ahead of the competition and make more sales, a specific marketing achievement could be: outperforming 50% of the competition and measuring your progress choose what You need an analytical tool and use it.

Setting yourself up for failure is not a good idea. If your goal is to increase your sales by 1000%, it is unlikely that you will achieve it. So set achievements that you can achieve given the resources you have.

Adding a time limit to your effort can be very motivating. Ask yourself when you want to achieve your achievement. next month? Or until the end of the year?

3. Identify ideal customers.

If a business has a problem with low engagement on its social media pages, it’s usually because it doesn’t have an accurate profile of its ideal customer.

What exactly does this mean in social media marketing?

It means that knowing the personality and characteristics of customers can help you reach your target at the right time, right place, and with the right messages.

When you know the age, occupation, income, interests, problems, obstacles, habits, and motivations of your target audience, it will be much easier to target them on social media.

When you know the main personality of your customers and advertise according to them, the result will be more efficient due to lower cost.

4. Research your competitors.

When it comes to social media marketing, researching your competitors will not only inform you of what they’re doing, it’ll help you understand what’s working best in your market and you can apply these successful tactics to your own efforts.

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Start by making a list of your 3-5 competitors. Check which social media they use and analyze their content production strategy. Pay attention to the number of their followers and fans and see how they post. Also, pay attention to the type of content they share and their context and tone (formal, funny). Pay attention to how they respond to their fans and communicate with them.

5. Determine strategy and tactics in social media marketing.

One of the mistakes that many companies make in social media marketing is that they engage in all social media without considering the best and most appropriate option. You can use the information you get from your customers to choose which medium is most suitable for you and thus, you don’t waste your time in the wrong place.

If your current or potential customers say they spend 40% of their online time on Facebook and 20% on Twitter, it’s clear which one you should place the primary and secondary focus of your social media marketing on. If your customers use a particular medium, you should operate there.

6. Create a content strategy.

Social media and content have a close relationship with each other: without great content, social media marketing would be impossible and meaningless, and without social media, no one would know about your content. Use both together to achieve your goals and visions.

7. Provide funding and resources for social media marketing.

To finance social media marketing, consider the tactics you choose to achieve your goals and achievements.

Make a comprehensive list of the tools you’ll need (for example, social media analytics and management services and email marketing), the strengths of your service (for example, graphic design or video production), and all the advertising methods you’ll use. do. Next to each, add the annual cost of the project so that you can have an overall picture of your investment and how it will impact your social media marketing budget.

8. legislate

Knowing who is responsible for doing what will increase your productivity and prevent confusion and disruption of tasks and efforts. Everything may seem crowded and chaotic at the beginning, but over time, people in the group understand their roles better and realize what they are responsible for doing on a daily basis.

When everyone knows their role well, the planning time for project implementation begins. You can set your plans daily or weekly. It is not recommended to do monthly planning because many events and changes will happen during a month and you may end up spending time adapting to these changes and not being able to implement the plan properly.


Due to the large presence of users in all kinds of social networks who spend hours watching different content, these platforms cannot be neglected as marketing and advertising tools. Social media marketing has many benefits and importance for businesses that we have mentioned in this article. In addition, to succeed in your marketing processes, you can use various techniques and tricks that are discussed in this article
They paid.

Your social media marketing strategy is not immutable. As you go along, you may find that some tactics aren’t as beneficial as you thought. Always try to quickly adapt to the situation and add the necessary changes to your overall strategy.

  • what is your opinion?
  • Do you have a clear strategy for your social media marketing?
  • What tools do you use?

We tried to answer the question “What is the goal of social marketing” in the best way. If you have any questions or comments, please share them with us.

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