Luxshare will also produce the iPhone 15 Pro Max; Apple reduces its dependence on Foxconn

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Apparently, the problems of Foxconn, the main supplier, and manufacturer of the iPhone, have caused Apple to seek to reduce its dependence on it. In this regard, a report has claimed that the iPhone 15 Ultra or Pro Max will be made by two companies: Foxconn and Luxshare.

With this action, Apple will no longer be completely dependent on Foxconn for the production of the most powerful iPhone, so if Foxconn faces problems such as the spread of Corona or labor protests, Apple can still provide part of the market’s needs.

Apple increases iPhone 15 Pro Max manufacturers

The complete dependence on Foxconn for the production of expensive iPhone models caused Apple to face a decline in sales and revenue in the final months of 2022. Therefore, transferring part of the production lines of these products to other companies will be a logical action.

Last month, a prominent analyst of Apple products, “Ming-Chi Kuo” claimed that Luxshare and Pegatron companies took nearly 10% of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max production orders from Foxconn. Now, a new report by Trendforce says that this action was taken in order to diversify Apple’s suppliers.

In October, Foxconn faced a lot of problems due to the outbreak of Corona in China and of course its factory in Zhengzhou, to the extent that its production capacity was significantly reduced. In addition, Chinese suppliers are struggling with labor shortages, and of course, the Corona has spread again in this country. Therefore, diversifying the suppliers will be a logical action.

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Due to the problems of the production line and of course the unfavorable economic situation in the world, Trendforce predicts that only 47 million iPhones will be launched in the first quarter of 2023, which is 22% less than the same period in 2022.

Finally, it is not bad to point out that according to rumors, Apple wants to increase the distance between the standard and Pro models, for this reason, the iPhone 15 Pro Max may be released next year under the name iPhone 15 Ultra.

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