LastPass: Hackers have stolen users’ encrypted data

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LastPass says the hackers have gained access to users’ password vaults, so if they can break into them, they have access to users’ information.

LastPass, the most popular password manager in the world, was hacked a few months ago, and at that time the CEO of this password management app announced that no user information was exposed. After some time, the hackers broke into LastPass again using the same information and stole part of the users’ data. Therefore, if hackers can penetrate them, they will get access to user information, including passwords.

If a user has a LastPass account to store their passwords and login information, or if they haven’t deleted their account before the fall, their password vault is probably available to hackers. However, if your master password is strong enough and you’ve used the company’s latest default settings, your data will likely remain secure, LastPass said in a statement.

LastPass encourages users to change their passwords

LastPass has advised users that if they used a weak master password or if their security settings were weak, they should take a new security measure to minimize the risk of their information being exposed. This security measure is to change all the passwords of different websites. In fact, LastPass requires you to change all the passwords you have saved in this password manager app!

While LastPass says that data is still safe with a master password, given the app’s approach to recent security issues, it can’t be trusted.

LastPass encourages users to change their passwords
LastPass encourages users to change their passwords

LastPass was hacked in August 2022 and said at the time that the hackers did not gain access to user information. But in November LastPass detected an intrusion into its systems, apparently using previously stolen data.

At that time, LastPass announced that hackers had gained access to some elements of customer information, and now it is clear that this information is actually Vault passwords, which are of great importance to users.

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According to LastPass, there is no evidence that the hackers accessed users’ bank card data, but the hackers went after more important information. In fact, if the hackers stole the bank account information of the users, it was possible to burn them.

We have to wait and see what more information LastPass will publish about its security problems in the future.


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