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Jack Dorsey criticizing Elon Musk

Jack Dorsey says Elon Musk shouldn’t have completed the deal to buy Twitter, and the board shouldn’t have pressured him to complete the deal.

“Jack Dorsey”, the co-founder of Twitter, who previously supported the purchase of the company by Elon Musk, has now openly criticized the way the social network is managed by him. In an interview on the Bluesky platform, Dorsey stated that things had deteriorated and that Musk should not have completed the purchase of the company at all.

Social network Bluesky, which recently doubled its users, asked Jack Dorsey in posts whether he thought Elon Musk was the right CEO for Twitter. The former CEO of Twitter wrote back: “No; I also don’t think he did the right thing when he realized the timing [of his decision] was wrong. I also don’t think the pressure from the board to sell [Twitter] was right; It made everything worse.”

Jack Dorsey: Elon Musk Shouldn’t Go Back on Twitter Deal

Jack Dorsey mentioned him as the only reliable option to manage this social network at the beginning of the news of Musk’s purchase of Twitter last year. But now he claims that when Musk withdrew from this deal, even if he had to pay a fine of one billion dollars, he should not have returned to this deal.

Jack Dorsey Elon Musk Shouldn't Go Back on Twitter Deal
Jack Dorsey Elon Musk Shouldn’t Go Back on Twitter Deal

Dorsey says Musk was the only way to save Twitter from Wall Street activists and hedge funds that wanted to take over the company. According to the co-founder of Twitter, the social network could never survive as a public company. However, he has said in the past that the company would actually be better off having no owners and acting as a protocol.

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This is Dorsey’s goal of founding the Bluesky platform. He launched this project in 2019 to create a decentralized social network. Dorsey spun off the platform as an independent entity in 2022 to continue on its own. Of course, he is still on the board of Bluesky.

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