How to fix phone battery draining fast 2024

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Battery problems are one of the main challenges of smartphone users; But fortunately, there are ways to manage and fix them.

Problems with the battery of Android-based devices can be very painful and make even their daily use a serious challenge. Although usually the basic solution to solve the phone battery problem is to replace it(How to fix phone battery draining fast); with some tricks, its life can be increased and the problems can be solved. In the next article, we will go to the explanation of such cases for Android mobile phones.

How to fix phone battery draining fast

The battery is one of the consumable parts in various types of devices, including smartphones, which needs to be replaced after its useful life has passed. However, if you have bought a new Android phone that does not charge as much as you expected, you can take the help of some solutions in order to use the battery longer.

Late charging of the smartphone battery is one of the other common problems for the owners of these devices, which fortunately has solutions to solve it. Below are some of the most common Android phone battery problems along with how to fix them.

1. The problem of late charging of the phone battery

When the battery of an Android phone takes a long time to charge, usually the device and battery are healthy, and the main problem comes from the charging cable, charger, or mobile USB port. Therefore, it is better to use a different cable or charger first to ensure their correct operation. You can also clean your mobile charging port in different ways.

The problem of late charging of the phone battery
The problem of late charging of the phone battery

If your device supports fast charging, it is better to make sure that the charger used is able to provide the required output power. For example, if your mobile phone supports 30W fast charging, but its charger has a maximum power of 20W, the device’s battery will be charged at a speed of 20W. While if you use a 40W charger to charge your mobile phone or tablet, the battery will continue to charge with 30W power.

If you have checked the above but the problem still persists, you can suspect that the battery or the phone itself is faulty. In this case, you have several options. In the first case, boot the device in “Safe Mode” to avoid running side applications. If the problem is resolved, you can be sure that the original software or apps installed on the device are faulty. Finally, if you still can’t find the source of the problem, you can try the charging speed of the device in off mode or take it to a smart device repair center.

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2. Low battery charging problem

Another problem with the battery of Android phones is the rapid draining of the device. Although this mode is normal when using heavy games or some special applications such as Instagram; it should not happen in other circumstances. If you have activated the “Adaptive Battery” mode on your device but you are still facing this problem, it is better to check your mobile battery consumption by each application according to the following steps.

  • Go to the Settings section of your device and enter the Battery section. 
  • Next, select the “Battery Usage” option. 
  • On the “Battery Usage” page, you can have a list of applications in order of battery usage since the last full charger.
How to fix phone battery draining fast
How to fix phone battery draining fast
  • Select frequently used but unnecessary applications to enter the page dedicated to each one. 
  • Now you can hit the “Force stop” option to stop the app from running or disable it. 
  • You can also set apps to “Optimized” or “Restricted” mode so that they consume less battery when the phone is not in use.
Low battery charging problem
Low battery charging problem

You can also change other settings to solve the battery problem of your Android phone. For example, by going to the settings section and entering the “Display” section, you can activate the “Adaptive Brightness” mode, which adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the brightness of the environment.
To activate the battery saving feature, you can also go to the “Battery” section of the settings and set the “Battery Saver” option to active mode. These two items will have a significant impact on reducing battery consumption and increasing its charging capacity.

3. Low charge when not in use

Many users complain about losing a lot of battery on their Android devices when they are not using them. You should note that the standard charging rate for today’s smartphones when idle is between 0.5 and 1.5% per hour. If your device charges more than 3% per hour, it is better to try the following solution.

First, put your mobile phone on airplane mode to disconnect it from the mobile network. This mode will prevent many applications from automatically running again in the background; As a result, less charge is likely to be consumed when the device is not in use. Of course, it should be noted that when the mentioned mode is active, you will not be able to receive calls or messages. Follow the steps below to enable Airplane mode on Android devices.

  • Go to the settings section of your phone or tablet and select the “Network & Internet” section. open the 
  • Next, set the “Airplane mode” option to active mode. 
  • Of course, you can also activate this feature from the quick access panel, which is marked with an airplane icon.
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Low charge when not in use
Low charge when not in use

If the above method works, you should probably remove or disable some heavy-duty apps that are constantly running in the background.

To see the list of applications installed on Android phones and manage them, you can go to the “Apps” section from the settings section. On the dedicated page of each program, activate the “Restricted” mode by clicking the “Battery” option or delete them altogether. Limiting the activity of apps in the background may affect receiving and displaying new notifications.

4. Inflating the battery of the device

If the battery of your Android phone or tablet becomes larger than normal or so-called swollen, it is better to stop using it immediately. It is better to leave the device in an environment away from other people and flammable objects so that its charge is gradually depleted.

Then take the phone to a repair shop to replace the battery. Of course, if you have enough time and patience, you can replace the battery yourself by following the tutorials available on the Internet; But this process takes a little time and there is a possibility of damage to the device during it.

How to drain phone battery while off
How to drain phone battery while off

Note that the battery capacity of smart devices decreases over time and may not be able to hold a charge like the first day. It is usually recommended to keep the charge between 20-80% and avoid overcharging or completely emptying the battery to increase its useful life. In the settings of some Android devices, there is an option to prevent the battery from fully charging.

5. Phone battery heating problem

The heating of the phone battery can have various causes, and it is better to identify the reason before doing anything, But fixing it may not be so simple. Running apps in the background, straining the hardware, unoptimized apps, and charging issues are common causes of battery overheating, which are explained in more detail below.

  • Battery heating during gaming usually occurs due to stress on the hardware. For this purpose, you can reduce the image quality or frame rate through the game settings so that less battery is consumed. Of course, these options are mostly seen in advanced games and may not be available in other titles. Usually, the rate of 30 frames per second and the lowest possible graphics settings can solve the problem.
  • The heating of the battery when using the application is mostly due to the lack of proper optimization by the developer. Also, running some heavy programs in the background continuously can increase the battery temperature. As mentioned in the previous sections, you can limit the activity of such programs in the background by going to the settings section of your phone or tablet.
  • Battery heating during charging is a normal phenomenon; But if it is beyond the normal temperature, you can consider a serious problem with the phone’s battery. The main causes of this phenomenon are faulty charging cables or chargers, and in some cases, the charging port of the device is also faulty. Charging the phone while it is off is another temporary solution to prevent the battery from overheating while charging.
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How to fix phone battery draining fast
How to fix phone battery draining fast

Finally, we must emphasize that the continuous heating of the phone battery can have a significant effect on its useful life and overall capacity in the long term; So it’s better to fix the problem. Using battery monitoring programs can also be useful in some cases.

Frequently asked questions about How to fix phone battery draining fast

  • How to increase the battery life of Android phones?

By preventing the battery from overheating and keeping its charge between 20 and 80%, you can increase its useful life of the battery.

  • How to solve the battery problem of Android phones?

Stopping the running of high-consuming programs in the background and preventing the battery from overheating can have a great impact on its health and charging.

  • What are the most common battery problems of Android phones?

Late charging, improper charging, overall capacity reduction, overheating, and swelling are among the main problems of Android device batteries.

  • How to prevent overheating of the battery of Android phones?

Stopping the running of power-consuming programs in the background and using the right charger and cable can prevent the battery from getting too hot during charging.

In this article, we talked about “How to fix phone battery draining fast” and we are waiting for your experiences to use these methods. Please share your thoughts with us.

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