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Digital marketing begins with launching a website. You need to improve your site in terms of producing educational content and introducing your products and services to the point that you can get a high ranking on Google, and in this case, the chances of your site being seen by users will increase.

In the meantime, online advertising plays a very important role for you. Do not forget that the higher the traffic to your site, the more points you will receive from Google. So in the field of digital marketing, Google’s efficient tools for digital marketing will help you.

In this article, we will help you to increase the ranking of your site with the help of these tools, and in fact, you can introduce your business to a large number of users and customers.

Google's most powerful tools in digital marketing
Google’s most powerful tools in digital marketing

Introducing Google tools in digital marketing:


1. Google My Business

my bussiness
my business


Those who are new to Internet marketing prefer to stick with the so-called cane and not spend a lot of money. They may regret it in the middle and realize that they can not use this path well or that they need enough time to form a stronger team.

So you can use the Google My Business tool for free advertising on the Internet. For this purpose, it is enough to register your products and services in Google My Business. As a result, when customers and users are searching for their needs on Google, your service will be displayed for free on the right side of Google at no cost to you. Of course, this method is free, but you will spend your time on it. So consider the best ads for Google My Business.

google plus

Google +Business Pages

It is safe to say that this tool is one of the most powerful tools of Google in digital marketing and provides the conditions for you to do your advertising in a completely secure environment without any worries about hacking information. Google’s tools in digital marketing

It is interesting to know that if you are using the previous tools, the Google + Business Pages tool is related to Google My Business, and activating and using these two effective tools will dramatically improve your internet marketing. We suggest that if you go to this tool, be sure to put a positive sharing option so that if a user is a member of Google Plus, she can also enter your site. On the other hand, this button also allows your content to be shared by users, and this makes users also act as a marketer for you, and by sharing your content and services, help them to be seen more.

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Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Of course, one of the most important points that we should pay attention to in digital marketing is to discuss the shortcomings and problems that exist within the site, because these shortcomings affect user satisfaction and therefore customer. For example, slow site speed, unresponsiveness, and difficulty downloading images, and videos are some of the common problems that cause users to leave your page quickly and this is to your detriment.

You need to go to Google Webmaster Tools to be able to measure the quality of your site by Google criteria and fix it if there is a problem with it. You need an account to use these tools. The power of this tool is so great that even if some items from your site are hidden in Google search results, it accurately states these items so that we can fix this problem. Google’s tools in digital marketing

Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Of course, all webmasters want to be ranked first on Google. The Google AdWords service will allow you to do just that. This service helps you to be on the first page of Google with any rank you have, and then you can increase the ranking of your site to reach the first three links. This service is based on click-through ads, ie the user clicks on the ads, causes it to enter the site, and your rank will also increase.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

What makes your site rank higher every day is that the content within the site is closer to the terms searched by users. That’s why you need to look for keywords related to your business in content production. To find the best keywords, go to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner software to find out which keywords are currently most searched for based on your type of activity, so use this statistic to generate your content.

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Digital Marketing

We must act with great power in the field of internet advertising for digital marketing because our competitors are thinking of being able to get more customers every day than before.

So we must be indifferent. Use any of the methods that you know have a very significant impact on the site’s ranking and increase the probability of the site being seen through Google searches. In the previous part of this article, we explained some of the most important Google tools for digital marketing to you, and now in this article, we will introduce you to other tools. Be sure to read this article carefully.


Google suite

When we publish content within the site, we must also follow the comments of users to see if they welcome this style of content or not. Also, if we can enable the information, data, and articles to be shared between different users and sites, the site ranking will increase due to the increase in visits to this content.

For this purpose, we can use a powerful tool known as the best collaborative software. This tool is called Google suite.

Double Click Search By Google

Double Click Search By Google

If we want to introduce you to one of the most effective Google tools, we must go to the Double Click Search By Google software. We need to know what keywords users are most likely to search for within Google to use the same keywords for unique content.

If we put the best articles on the site but there are no keywords with the right density in this article, we can not expect this special and useful article to be read by a large number of users. Double Click Search By Google software can find keywords searched by users.

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With the help of this software, you can know exactly the needs of the audience and to meet this need, go to content production or improve the services and quality of your products. When you respond to the user’s needs and wants in the best possible way, your site traffic will increase. Through these keywords, users’ traffic to your site will increase.


Google Trends

This software will also be very effective in finding keywords for you, but the difference is that with the help of this software, you can find exactly the keywords that have the most impact on the optimization of your site. This software will also be very effective in finding keywords for you, but the difference is that with the help of this software, you can find exactly the keywords that have the most impact on the optimization of your site.

Concluding remarks

Go to Google now and search for a phrase like “how to care for houseplants.” There are many links in front of you. Of course, as a user, you only put the first three links as a reference and do not go to other links because you know that the quality of the links will determine their ranking.

So if you want to rank first to third in Google search results, you need to focus more on digital marketing, site optimization, and online advertising.

Getting help from Google’s efficient tools in digital marketing plays an important role in this regard. So we suggest that even before launching a site, get help from digital marketing agencies to help you choose the domain, site name, and even brand name, and then produce content and manage the site and social networks, you accompany.

Creativity in advertising and using the best Google tools for digital marketing are two important factors to better introduce you to the world of the Internet and increase the ranking of your site.

Keep in mind that no matter how much you spend on advertising and site management, the final profit will be many times more than the cost. So try to get help from professional teams.

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