Get to know the best artificial intelligence tools for converting text to sound

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With the help of the tools we introduce in this article, you can turn your desired text into real sounds.

Undoubtedly, the most important event in the world of technology in the past years has been the development of artificial intelligence and the creation of models with different applications. In addition to the different applications of each of the artificial intelligence models, there have been concerns about this technology that “Warren Buffett”, the famous American investor, has compared it to the creation of the atomic bomb. However, artificial intelligence can replace humans and especially employees in different ways, and in this article, we are going to introduce several artificial intelligences that convert text to voice.

Artificial intelligence to convert text to sound

Artificial intelligence to convert text to sound
Artificial intelligence to convert text to sound

Artificial intelligence models for converting text to sound can be used in different ways. For example, people who are facing difficulties in the learning process can use them as assistive technology, and businesses and content producers get help from their output as a voice. They are also widely used in video games, animations, audiobooks, and more.

Currently, there are many good text-to-speech generators out there, each offering a unique set of features and applications to users. In the following, we introduce 10 of the best models for converting text to audio with artificial intelligence.

Get to know the best artificial intelligence tools for converting text to sound
Get to know the best artificial intelligence tools for converting text to sound is one of the most powerful and simple AI text-to-speech platforms that can help you produce voices that resemble a real human.

On this platform, there is a wide range of sounds that are used by several different industries, including entertainment, banking, education, gaming, documentary, and news. For this reason, has attracted the attention of many organizations around the world and is referred to as the innovator of text-to-speech.

Also, LOVO has just launched the next generation of its artificial intelligence voice production platform called Genny, which, in addition to converting text to speech, has the ability to edit video. With this system, producers and content creators, in addition to being able to produce human-like voices, can also edit their videos at the same time.


Speechify is another artificial intelligence model that can convert your texts in any format into natural-sounding speech. For example, with this platform, you can convert your PDF files, emails, documents, or articles to audio.

Among other features of this text-to-speech tool with artificial intelligence, it is possible to mention the adjustment of the text reading speed, as well as the presence of more than 30 natural voices, including famous people such as “Snoop Dog”, the famous American rapper, and “Gwyneth Paltrow”, the American actress.

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The Speechify model supports more than 15 different languages during text processing and can also convert scanned printed texts into clear audio. Another noteworthy point is that this platform is completely web-based and you can access it through browser extensions.


Undoubtedly, Murf is one of the best text-to-voice AI models that you can use to convert your texts to voice. The platform is used by a wide range of professionals such as product developers, podcast creators, and business managers.

Murf offers many options for users to design their desired sound in the best possible way. It also has many different voices and dialects that you can choose from among them in a simple user interface.

In addition, users will have access to a comprehensive artificial intelligence audio studio to create voice-over videos with the help of its built-in editor. There are more than 100 AI voices from 15 different languages in this app and you can also adjust settings like their accent and voice mode.

Another important feature that Murf offers is the ability to change your voice so that you can record your voice from the language of AI models. Also, these sounds can be adjusted based on things like speed.


Synthesis is one of the most popular and powerful text-to-voice conversion tools with artificial intelligence that anyone can design and produce their desired voice with a few simple clicks.

With the Synthesis AI tool, you’ll have access to a full suite of professional voices, including 34 female voices and 35 highly realistic male voices. With their help, you can produce unlimited sounds and sell them.

You can also select some specific words of your text through the built-in editor of the tool so that they are read with different emotions such as happiness, excitement, and sadness.


Another AI-powered text-to-speech tool is Listnr, which can convert text to speech in various formats, including genre selection, accent selection, pauses, and more. It also provides a customizable audio player for your audio that you can embed on your blog.

One of the greatest aspects of Listnr is that it is highly personalized to each listener and their preferences. This tool is a good option for making podcasts because you can make money with it through ads. You can also use the sounds produced by this tool in streaming services such as Spotify.

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Listnr generally supports more than 17 languages and can convert blog posts into different languages and dialects.

Deepbrain AI
Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain’s artificial intelligence tool has the ability to easily and conveniently create videos based on user texts. With the help of this tool, you can provide your text in the simplest possible way and then turn it into sound with the help of the Text-to-Speech feature.

One of the most important features of this tool is its very simple environment and user interface so that even novice users can fulfill their needs through it.
Play. ht

Play. ht is one of the most powerful text-to-speech AI models that can turn your text into voices from Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon. This tool is especially useful for converting text into natural and realistic sounds.

With the help of, you can download your sounds as MP3 and WAV files and choose the type of sound you want even before entering or typing your text. The tool then quickly converts the text into a natural human voice, after which you can enhance the voice with speech styles, pronunciations, and more.


Other text-to-voice artificial intelligence tools include Speechmaker, which is suitable for quickly creating voiceovers.

This tool produces sound in a three-step process, But first, you have to provide it with the desired information and text. The tool then starts parsing your text and reads it with natural sounds that you can download. You can also adjust the tone and voice of the speaker of the text as desired.

Speechmaker can produce very realistic sounds in a short time and has more than 50 different sounds with support for 20 world languages.


Sonantic’s popularity began when Val Kilmer, an American actor, used it to simulate his voice. This text-to-speech artificial intelligence tool is very popular in the entertainment industry; Because it can express the audio phrase in a very lively and attractive way.

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With the help of this tool, you can change the tone of your produced speech in states such as happy, sad, or angry. You can also customize the sound emotion through the provided settings. For these reasons, Sonantic is widely used for animation, movies, and video games.


Woord is another web-based platform that lets you convert blog posts or web pages to audio very quickly. This tool can be used as a Chrome extension. For this, two options are provided for sound production. You can give it the URL of the page you want to convert to speech, or copy the text you want into the Woord editor.

Woord also offers users a wide variety of different sounds to control emotion, pitch speed, and more. Moreover, it supports different languages and has no character limit. This means that you can produce sounds in as many different languages as you want.

Summary: What is the best artificial intelligence to convert text to voice?

It is impossible to say exactly which AI tool for converting text to sound is the best and it all depends on your project. For reliable performance and quality, Play. ht is recommended. If you use Google Slides, is probably the best choice for you because of its excellent integration.

FAQ Best Text-to-Speech Artificial Intelligence

  • What is the artificial intelligence tool for converting text to sound?

Artificial intelligence tools for converting text to voice with the help of machine learning and deep learning algorithms can convert texts into speech similar to human speech.

  • In what cases is artificial intelligence used to convert text to sound?

These artificial intelligence tools are used in various fields such as audiobook and podcast production, content production, video game, animation, and product promotion.

  • Which AI tools produce the most realistic sounds?

MURF and LOVO bring you the best collection of fully realistic sounds.

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