Elon Musk provides financial support to people who are in trouble because of X activities

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Those who have faced problems in their jobs because of their activity on Twitter can sue their employer with Elon Musk’s money.

Elon Musk has announced on his personal page that if a person is treated unfairly by his employer because of his posts or likes on the X social network, this company is willing to pay the cost of a lawsuit to sue the companies.

In a strange comment on his personal page, Elon Musk wrote: “If you are treated unfairly by your employer for posting content or liking something on this platform, we will pay for your legal fees.” There is no limit. Please keep us posted.”

Malik X also responded to the user who wrote: “Ilan knows that in America nothing changes behavior as much as the threat of legal action”, he explained: “And we are not satisfied with just a complaint. The voice of this event will be very loud and we will also go to the board of directors of those companies.”

Elon Musk on his personal page
Elon Musk on his personal page

How far does Elon Musk go to support freedom of speech?

Now we have to wait to see how far Elon Musk will stick to this new promise. Considering the financial situation of Twitter and the fact that he even refused to pay the rent for the company’s headquarters, will Musk be willing to pay the cost of legal disputes between employees and their employers? This claim seems very unlikely.

Before buying Twitter, Musk had repeatedly criticized the company’s lack of adherence to freedom of speech. Since buying this social network, he reduced many restrictions so that different spectrums of society can express their opinions on this platform.

But this change was not liked by many users and some critics claimed that Twitter has become a place to spread hate. This matter even went so far that last week Elon Musk sued the Center to Counter Digital Hate (CCDH) for spreading false information about Twitter. The center claimed that Elon Musk’s platform did not do enough to combat hate speech.

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