Buying Apple Vision Pro requires face scanning with iPhone

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When buying Vision Pro, users must use Apple’s Face ID system to scan their face.

Less than a week is left for the official launch of the Apple Vision Pro virtual reality headset, and Cupertino has announced the pre-sale conditions of this product to users by sending an email. Apple Vision Pro was unveiled on June 5, 2023, and the price of Apple’s virtual reality headset is $3,499.

In the e-mail sent to users for the pre-sale of Vision Pro, Apple considers it necessary to scan the user’s face with an iPhone or iPad. Apple says that to choose the right band size for each user’s head, they must scan their face with the Face ID system when purchasing the product.

The application for face scanning to buy the Vision Pro mixed reality headset will soon be available to users in the App Store.

Vision Pro is designed for use without glasses, but users who wear glasses can answer Apple’s glasses-related questions when ordering Apple’s mixed reality headset to benefit from a special Zeiss prescription glass for clear and trouble-free viewing of Vision Pro.

Apple will provide users with impaired eyesight with valid medical instructions to properly use the Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

From February 2nd, Apple will make the highly anticipated Vision Pro mixed reality headset available in its official stores.

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