What you know about brand restructuring or the importance of rebranding?

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If you have read the contents of the site carefully, we have talked many times about the importance of branding in the success of businesses. Every employer now knows that if they can not promote their brand well to the whole world, they should not expect their customer base to increase every day.

But the important thing we want to talk about in this article is the issue of rebranding or Brand reconstruction. This is probably the first time you have heard about the subject, be sure to read this article to learn about the importance of rebranding and the principles of doing it.

Principles of rebranding

 What is meant by brand restructuring or the importance of rebranding:

If you’ve seen some TV commercials for famous brands that have more than half a century of experience, you will notice that they have recently made changes to the brand’s appearance or branding ads.

The owners of the capital have resorted to rebranding or rebuilding the brand. These people make changes to the logo, their brand name, the symbols, and even the colors used in the design of the logo and name, and as mentioned, some of them even make dramatic changes to their branding ads. they do.

For example , let’s talk about the Mihan brand. For many years, the Mihan brand used an ad with a cow to advertise its ice cream, which was a constant advertisement for the Mihan brand name. As soon as we hear that image and that sound, we will remember the name of the Mihan brand.

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In recent years, there have been significant changes in the same ad. This issue attracts more attention from the audience because the image that has been fixed in the minds of all people for many years, is now facing a dramatic change that attracts the attention of users and audiences.

Thus, in any general definition, rebranding or rebuilding a brand provides the conditions for the audience to have a new look and even a new feeling towards a product, and for that brand and its products to feel fresh to the audience. As a result, it attracts more customers to such a brand and has a positive impact on the success of the company.


The reason for the importance of rebranding or brand restructuring

According to our definition of brand restructuring, we must say that employers who go for rebranding have two main goals :

  • They want to create a new identity for their brand and thus be able to appear more powerful among competitors.


  • On the other hand, because the world is constantly changing due to technology and the Internet, they want to update themselves and, as a result, bring their brand name closer to the new needs of customers to attract a large audience.


But it is interesting to know that there are still many famous brands in the world that with their long history, do not welcome rebranding or brand reconstruction. Here are five reasons why brand reorganization is so important:


  • There is one main employer for all winners. For example, check the brands related to perfumes and colognes. Most perfumes are named after their founder. Now, if the leader of a company changes after several years, surely the new leader must make changes in branding to be able to announce her work goals and services to the audience. The new leader announces to the audience through brand reconstruction what dramatic changes she is going to make in the company’s products and services.
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  • Also, if two companies or two brands are going to start a joint venture, their old names will not be used anymore because they are going to introduce products and goods to the world at the same time and in partnership. So you will need a new name and even a new logo design. In choosing the name and designing the logo, both winners should be mentioned so that people understand that this new brand is obtained from the merger of two other brands, and this will guarantee the quality of their services.


  • As we have said, with the advancement of science and technology and the expansion of human society, the needs of the people also change. Their basic needs have become much more complex and therefore it is important for them that a brand can meet all their needs. The purpose of branding is to be able to tell our audience what our products and services are going to meet. If you have recently made changes in your activities that have changed your products and products and as a result, you are sure that you can meet the needs of more audiences, you should go to brand reorganization to announce this to the audience.


  • If we can be successful in branding and create a positive attitude for our customers, we will win. Therefore, brand restructuring or rebranding is done to change consumers’ perceptions of our business. However, over time, consumers’ attitudes toward brands change as they compare products from different companies and, over time, realize which ones are better. Through rebranding, you need to be able to keep them positive about yourself.
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  • Finally, if you change your brand for a reason but still have the same business, you should rebrand to let the audience know that the same company is back in business with a new name.

In this article, we talked about What you know about brand restructuring or the importance of rebranding. However, we think that we can still use your experience to produce a better and more comprehensive article.
Share your experiences with us.

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