Apple Watch saved two lives and Tim Cook personally emailed them

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After two men emailed Tim Cook about how the Apple Watch saved their lives, the Apple CEO responded in person.

Paul Watch has proven that for many of its users, it is more than just a smart wearable; the watch’s health monitoring capabilities, such as fall detection, car accident detection, and heart health monitoring, have many times led to the diagnosis of serious illnesses and even saved people’s lives.

However, when two Apple Watch users emailed and thanked Tim Cook for how the Apple Watch had saved their lives, they never expected the CEO of the world’s most valuable company to respond in person.

According to Kake, the Apple Watch notified Michael Gallegos, a resident of Wichita, Kansas, that his heart rate had dropped dangerously low during sleep. Thanks to the Family Sharing feature, the notification was also shared with his son Nick; Nick then rushed his father to the emergency room, where it was determined that Michael needed a pacemaker.

Apple Watch saved two lives
Apple Watch saved two lives


Michael said: “They said I was very lucky, that my son bought me this watch was a good choice; Because I would never have noticed [the disease] and it would have been too late.” Doctors told Michael that he would die without immediate medical intervention.

Nick then emailed Tim Cook, the CEO of the iPhone and MacBook laptop maker, to express his gratitude, and in less than 2 hours, Tim responded in disbelief: “I’m glad your dad got the treatment he needed. Thank you so much for sharing his story with us.”

In a similar incident, Christopher Oakley, a professor at the University of North Carolina, believes that the Apple Watch saved his life after a minor heart attack.

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On the night of the accident, Oakley’s smart watch showed his heart rate between 121 and 151 beats per minute; Although Christopher’s heartbeat had stabilized when he went to the doctor; the data recorded by the Apple Watch showed an abnormal heart rhythm.


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