Acer unveiled the “eKinekt BD 3” desk equipped with a stationary bike!

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Acer unveiled the eKinekt BD 3 desk equipped with a stationary bike!

For users who care about multitasking, Acer has unveiled a new desk called “eKinekt BD 3” that is equipped with a stationary bike. In addition to work and sports, with this desk, you can also produce the electricity you need. In fact, pedaling a bike generates a small amount of kinetic energy that you can use to charge devices on your desk.

According to Acer, pedaling at 60 rpm for an hour with this desk can generate up to 75 watts of power. Although this amount is very small, Acer has used an interesting method to use clean energy for things such as charging mobile phones at its desk.

Acer desktop capabilities

Acer desktop capabilities
Acer desktop capabilities

The Acer bicycle desk has two “USB Type-A” ports and one “USB Type-C” port, which can be connected to several devices at the same time.
Also, this desk can work in “work” or “sports” modes. In addition, Acer has also provided a mobile application for its users to check the duration of pedaling or cycling, the number of calories burned and the amount of electricity produced.

Acer unveiled this bike table during CES 2023 “to promote a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.”

The eKinekt BD 3 will be available in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa starting in June at $999, which is certainly quite expensive for a desktop. Acer also plans to make it available to Taiwanese users in April.

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