A white hat hacker claimed to have exposed part of the personal information of millions of Telegram users

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The white-hat hacker and well-known security researcher, “Bob Dyachenko”, claimed to have exposed the information of millions of Telegram users, including their names, phone numbers, and emails, by tweeting images.

The well-known white hat hacker and security researcher, “Bob Dyachenko” claimed in a tweet that part of the personal information of millions of Telegram users including name, phone number, email, and unique identifier (UID) was exposed.

According to this tweet, most of the published information is about Russian users of this messenger. Currently, Telegram has not reacted to this issue.

Disclosure of information of Telegram users

Diachenko made such a claim by publishing two pictures. According to him, 12 million records including phone numbers, names, emails,s and UID were exposed. We also apparently see the disclosure of 40 million records with names, phone numbers, and UIDs, as well as 65 million records with UIDs and names. In addition to these cases, other information has been disclosed according to this white hat hacker.

Disclosure of information of Telegram users
Disclosure of information of Telegram users

Dyachenko did not say anything about which countries the leaked users’ information belongs to and only said that most of these records are related to Russian users. Therefore, we still do not know whether the information of Iranian users is in the records or not.

We must point out that we are dealing with basic information and, for example, the content of users’ chats has not been disclosed. However, the disclosure of this information can also cause a lot of worries for users.

Telegram has always claimed to protect the privacy of its users, although this messenger was forced to provide the information of the administrators of some channels to judicial authorities in compliance with a court order in India some time ago. Now we have to wait to see how Telegram reacts to Diachenko’s claim.

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